Live and Learn Mini Fishing Kit

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Grim's Lure Card was designed to be a low weight, highly efficient space saving lure set. This card comes with several lures in various shapes, sizes, and colors, and all stored perfectly flat, in a housing system the size of a standard credit card. This Lure Card has been used in the frigid waters of the Canadian Rockies, all the way to the 100+ degree temperatures found far to the south in Texas. Grim's lure card has caught fish both large and small, and is the perfect addition to any camping, hiking, or survival fishing kit, or just to keep a few on hand as backup lures for your regular fishing kit. as with all of our tools with removable parts, Grim's Lure Card is reusable, thanks to our custom designed tool retention system. 

The Grim Lure Card includes the following: 

8X Lures total

6X small lures, 1 realistic, two dark, three bright colors

2x Large Lures 1 realistic, 1 bright/dark