Shipping Policy

Shipping Options

You will be offered various shipping options at checkout - Small Packet Air, Tracked Packet, Express or Priority.

Please note that Small Packet Air, while the least expensive option, does NOT include tracking information and usually takes longer to arrive.

If tracking your parcel is important to you, you may want to choose the Tracked Packet option.

What Service Do You Ship With?

Shipping is primarily facilitated through Canada post/ USPS and the federal mail service of respective countries.

Do You Ship Internationally?

International shipping is available to most countries. Some items such as lithium batteries, matches, some personal protective equipment and hunting tools cannot be shipped internationally.

Due to recent frequently changing Customs policies in some countries, customers are encouraged to do their own due diligence regarding what items cannot be imported into their own country. We also do our best to keep informed on Customs changes.

What Are Your Shipping Rates?

Shipping to the USA is FREE for orders over $200 USD

Shipping within Canada is FREE for orders over $100 CAD to the following Canadian provinces: BC, AB, SK, MB and ON

Shipping is FREE for orders over $350 CAD to the following Canadian provinces: NWT, YT, NU, QC, NL & The Maritimes

** There is a $15 - 17 CAD flat fee for Canadian orders between $100 - $350 CAD, due to significantly higher shipping costs to the following provinces:
NWT, YT, NU, QC, NL & The Maritimes

Free shipping rates are standard, with Express & Priority options available for those who wish to purchase those options.

The weight and dimensions of the items will determine the cost of shipping.

Are There Import Fees/ Taxes?

There are no import fees, duties or taxes for our US customers. There may however be duties, import fees and taxes for international customers.

International shipments (not USA) must be trackable. Larger volume orders can help offset the higher cost of international shipping. Discounts may be available for international customers depending on order size. For large volume orders message us at

“Where is my order?”

Order confirmation notices and shipping/tracking information are auto-emailed to you by the shipping program.  Please also check your Junk or Spam email inbox for these notices.

Sometimes you will get a notification from the Postal Service that your item has been delivered, but you did not receive it.  Please call them first, as postal services often scan parcels as “delivered” when they go on the trucks and not when actually delivered.  Your parcel will usually arrive within a day or two, or you will receive a notice card indicating where your parcel can be picked up.  If you still have not received your parcel, please call your local post office first and then let us know of the issue.