COMPLETE Emergency Flare & Signal Package

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Included in this kit

  • 1 X Orion Alert/ Locate kit (3 Pack)
  • 1 X Red Aerial Flares (3 Pack)
  • 1 X Emergency Road Kit (3 pack)
  • 1 X Bearflare (Bear Deterrent)
  • 1 X Orange Floating Smoke Signal
  • 1 X Handheld Marine Red Signal Flares (4 Pack)
  • 1 X 12 Ga. Pistol Flare Red Gemini Basic with 6 flares 

Orion Alert/ Locate kit

The Orion® Alert/Locate Signal Kit contains 3 hand-held signals for making rescuers aware of your emergency and to locate your position. Kit includes 1 red aerial flare, 1 orange smoke signal, and 1 red signal flare/campfire starter. Red aerial flare produces a bright red signal that burns for 7 seconds, reaching up to 450 ft. Orange smoke signal produces environmentally-safe, dense orange smoke cloud that burns for 1 minute. Red signal flare burns at 3400ÁF for 5 minutes and is a great emergency fire starter. These signals are all waterproof, have self-contained ignition systems (no matches required), and are great day or nighttime signals. Ideal for paddle sports, camping, backpacking, and many other outdoor pursuits as well.

  • Convenient, self-contained signal kit
  • Contains 3 signals to alert rescuers and locate your position
  • Bright red aerial flare - burns for 7 seconds up to 450 ft. altitude
  • Dense orange smoke signal - burns for 1 minute
  • Red signal flare/campfire starter - burns at 3400ÁF for 5 minutes
  • Waterproof

Red Aerial Flares

-Includes 3 X skyblazer Orion/ Twin Star flares
Aerial flares should be fired after sighting or hearing a potential rescue vessel. To attract attention to your distress situation the U.S. Coast Guard recommends that you fire 2 aerial flares, one immediately after the other, so rescuers can confirm the sighting and the direction of the signal. Parachute flares do not need to be fired in twos since a single parachute flare has adequate burn time(25 to 30 seconds) to confirm sighting and position.

Emergency Road Kit (3 Flares)

  • Emergency Flare Road Kit is highly visible in adverse weather conditions
  • Easy to use
  • No batteries required
  • Resealable bag
  • 15 minute burn time

    Handheld Marine Red Signal Flares

    These flares meet the US Coast Guard requirements, and are waterproof with a built-in protective handle. Includes four handheld flares.

    Be prepared for a Vessel Safety Inspection: Visual distress signals must be carried on all boats which are operated on the high seas, coastal waters (including the Great Lakes), the territorial seas and all waters directly connected to the Great Lakes or the territorial seas up to a point where the waters are less than two miles wide.

    Have enough flares: Handheld signal flares are intended as homing signals to pinpoint your position. The surface-to-surface sighting range on water is approximately three to five miles, depending on boat elevation. If a rescuer is five miles away and running at 20 miles per hour, it will take 15 minutes to reach you. Therefore, you should have at least 12 minutes (total burn time) of signals onboard to maintain a strong homing signal until help arrives.

    • Signal Type: Red handheld flare
    • Light Output: 700 candela
    • Burn Time: Three minutes
    • Deployment Method: Match strike ignitor
    • Type Approval: USCG Day/Night
    • Replacement Interval: 42 months from manufacture date
    • How Sold: Four pack


    • Bear Hand Flare can be used as a very powerful signal flare, animal deterrent and as a fire starter

    • It burns for one minute

    • Candle power of 10,000 CDP with a visibility of 10 km

    • Self-contained ignition, no matches required

    • Great day and night time signal

    Orange Floating Smoke Signal

    Help rescuers pinpoint your position during daytime emergencies. Floating canister delivers four minutes of a dense orange cloud. Will not ignite oil on water.

    • Signal Type: Orange smoke
    • Burn Time: Four minutes
    • Deployment Method: Pull cord
    • Type Approval: USCG (daytime), USCG (Daytime) / SOLAS approved
    • Replacement Interval: 42 months from manufacture date
    • How Sold: Individually

    When to Signal

    Aerial flares, and other "one-time" signals, should be fired only after sighting or hearing a potential rescuer. Experts recommend that once an aircraft has been sighted, one flare should be fired, then a second flare fired immediately after the first to let search teams confirm the sighting and direction of the signal. Remember, search and rescue missions often establish grid search patterns, which means you may see the same aircraft 2 to 3 times coming from different directions. Do not waste aerial flares if the aircraft has initially passed by you. Carrying extra pyrotechnic signals will improve your chances of being sighted.

    12 Ga. Pistol Flare Red Gemini Basic with 6 flares 

    • 12 gauge pistol launcher, bandolier, and (3) Gemini twin star red aerial flares in a commercial packaging + 1 white meteor
    • 1 cartridge is equal to 1 type B signal.

    4 Rules of Signaling

    1. Conserve your signals until you are reasonably sure of being sighted. Wait until you see or hear a vessel or aircraft before using "one-time" signals.
    2. Stay with the boat if it is safe to do so. A boat is easier to spot than a swimmer.
    3. U.S. Coast Guard-approved marine signals to improve your chances, but anything that works is good. USE COMMON SENSE! Shout, flash your running lights, wave a piece of clothing, use your windshield as a mirror, flash a flashlight, ANYTHING that's available to attract attention. Above all, DON'T PANIC!
    4. Familiarize yourself with your signals before you leave the shore. Time is important in any emergency and shouldn't be spent reading instructions.