Afterburn (Burn Pain relief) Aloe Gel

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Tender's After Burn® contains soothing aloe gel and .5% lidocaine HCl (a topical anesthetic) to offer instant relief from burns. Aloe, used in trauma centers worldwide, promotes fast healing, while the lidocaine provides instant pain relief. Toss into your purse or pack for the beach, the cabin, or just in case! 

  • After Burn contains aloe vera and lidocaine for instant relief from burns.
  • The addition of 25% Lidocaine analgesic stops the pain of minor burns.
  • Aloe Vera Gel has a cooling effect on the skin and promotes healing.
  • Easy to apply, just apply a dab of gel and feel the relief.
  • The 2-ounce tube is easy to have on hand at home or while camping for quick treatment of burns.