Winnerwell Mini Multi-Functional BBQ Smoker (COMPACT FOLDABLE)

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Winnerwell Mini Multi-functional BBQ Smoker

Just as the name indicates: a multifunctional BBQ-smoker. You can use this smoker as a charcoal starter, smoker, fire pit, bbq or simply to cook a meal on. Ideal if you want to be flexible in your cooking style, without buying or bringing multiple cooking gear. 

To use as a smoker, hang the additional  netting in the smoker and close with the lit. Use wood chips for smoking to create the ultimate foodexperience! 

Charcoal starter
Simply use the handles on the back of the smoker. Fill the smoker with charcoal  or briquettes and put the smoker on an open fire. In No-Time your charcoal or briquettes are ready to use! 

When the smoker is placed on the included table stand, you can use the smoker as a small fire pit. Ash falls through the grate on the table stand, so the ground is protected against heat. 

BBQ and cooking
With the additional grill net, you can use the smoker as a bbq. Simply put some charcoal (or make a small fire in it) in the smoker, install the grill net and the smoker is ready to roast some vegetables, meat or whatever you want to prepare. With or without the grill net you can put a pot or kettle on top and prepare your drink or meal in no-time.


  • Storage Dimension: 275(L) × 225(W) × 90(H) mm / 10.8(L) × 8.9(W) × 3.5(H) in
  • Assembly Dimension: 200(L) × 200(W) × 310(H) mm / 7.9(L) × 7.9(W) × 12.2(H) in
  • Material: AISI304
  • Net Weight: 3kg / 6.6lbs 

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