Winnerwell Fireproof Mat (Fiberglass w/ Silicone)


Fireproof Mat

Small 31 X 38.5 Fibrglass-Silicone

arge 38.5''x 59'' Fiberglass-Silicone

Strongly recommended to use with any Winnerwell® stove in a tent or shelter, the Winnerwell® Fireproof Mat measures 38.5'' x 59 '', is made from fiberglass with a silicone coating, and can withstand temperatures up to 840° F. Place the mat underneath you stove to prevent sparks or embers that may escape when opening the door from contacting the floor in your tent or shelter.

● Made from fiberglass with a silicone coating
● Withstands temperatures up to 840° F
● Dimensions: 1500(L) x 980(W) mm / 59(L) x 38.5(W) in
● Net Weight: 0.88kg / 1.94lbs

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