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The next generation of the Survive Outdoors Longer's tools. The Phoenix is the most innovative multi-purpose fire starting tool on the market that incorporates 8+ survival tools into one small pocket knife size multi-tool. The only thing missing is the firewood.

  • RETRACTABLE FLINT: The most compact flint and steel striker in a multi-purpose tool
  • MULTI-TOOL KNIFE: A fixed blade knife with a serrated blade that is made to be used as a striker and includes a bottle opener, size 3-7mm wrench, and flat head screw driver.
  • TINDER COMPARTMENT: A water tight tinder compartment keeps your tinder dry
  • LED LIGHT AND BELT CLIP: Use the LED light to light your way around camp. Clip the tool to your hat to make a headlamp.
  • WHISTLE: Signal for help with a built in whistle.

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