SOL Mag Striker


The Survive Outdoors Longer® Mag Striker is the all in one fire starter that includes the essentials needed for starting a fire: a steel striker, flint rod, and magnesium. The tool is designed with the flint and magnesium rods embedded into the robust handle, meaning your grip will not disappear as you shave off the magnesium, unlike with a traditional magnesium fire starter. The curved edge on the steel scraper is engineered to make scraping a pile of magnesium easier. The straight edge struck against the flint rod acts as your flint and steel, creating a shower of sparks to ignite the magnesium and light your kindling. The Mag Striker makes starting a fire easier, even with cold fingers or in survival situations. A bottle opener is included on the steel striker, so you can relax with a cold beverage once your fire is burning steadily.

  • All in One Fire Starter 
    Carry the benefits of a magnesium fire starter and the traditional flint and steel with you all in one portable survival tool.
  • Long-Lasting Flint
    Take the Mag Striker on many adventures, as the ferrocerium rod (flint) creates enough sparks to start over 100 fires.
  • Robust Handle 
    Hold onto the large grip to start a fire easily, even with cold fingers.
  • Burns Hot & Fast
    Easily ignite any tinder for your fire with magnesium flakes that burn at up to 5400°F.
  • Bottle Opener 
    Open a cold beverage at the end of your adventure – no additional tool necessary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Does well what i expect

Very easy to use product.
For me The most challenging in making a fire with firesteel is the tinder. Most often what I tried from the nature won’t i decided to go for some technologies to supplement my knowledge.. and it works.
It was simple to scrap fine particules of magnesium from the giant rod using the large scraper provided. You just « shave » the rod and the magnesium accumulate in pile. I add them to my grass or wood parts (the fiber the better) then I strike the firesteel. After 1 to 3 attempts, time for my sparks to reach à magnesium tiny parts, my tinder start to burn. Easy.
The firesteel rod made good sparks. I have other firesteel that make better sparks and some worse but this one works well. You have to find the right angle and way to push it down the Firesteel but it works. And the little magnesium make good flames that ignites my tinder, et voilà !
I tried it a dozen times outdoors, shiny and rainy days. It works.
The magnesium rod should give me several hundred of flame.
The only « downside » is the bulk of this thing. The handle is big, the magnesium rod is big. It is to large in my jacket’s pocket and won’t fit in jeans pocket. So it ended to be stored in my backpack and I keep a small firesteel in my pocket just in case I lost the backpack.
So not a « pocket » tool but a very efficient tool.

Brian Oppenheimer
LOTS of sparks

The included striking tool is nearly useless. Few sparks with it and little Mg scraped from the rod. I have decided to discard it. Using the spine of Lilly's APO I tried to scrape some of the Mg off and still found it challenging. I found it very challenging to accumulate enough Mg to feel confident that I could rely on the Mg to get my tinder going. Only tiny flakes of Mg were produced and in a very controlled area it was hard to gather them into a pile. In the field... forget it. I mean setting strips of Mg on fire with sparks is a sure way to generate massive heat and this just doesn't provide that. I am disappointed.

I think the only way to get any useful amount of Mg into your tinder bundle is to use the business end of your knife and that just feels wrong, I don't wanna lose the edge of my knife for Mg to get a fire started, the included tool doesn't have an 'edge' either.

Don't get this for the Mg, get it for the sparks. using my APO on the ferro I got a lot of strong sparks time after time. There is obvious uneven wear on the rod from my tests but it doesn't seem to affect it's performance. I did notice it affected my ability to direct the sparks produced.

It'll work in a pinch to give you sparks which is it's purpose, paired with some easily ignited tinder you'll have a chance to get a fire going. I'm gonna look for a large solo ferro rod without the bells and whistles. I'm hoping for more bang for the buck, less weight and greater use per volume/weight in my bag.