Survival Metrics Head for Survival Bandana w/ Printed Survival Information

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The Head for Survival Triangular Bandana / Cravat is a multi-function tool that provides a wide variety of uses in one piece of gear. This critical piece of equipment contains vital survival information organized by topics: Navigation, Fire Starting, Shelter, Water Collection & Purification, Signalling, a useful Knots section, and a section for Priorities considerations. Printed in non-running ink and constructed from soft-brush polyester that provides a comfortable feel and durability. The edging seams are lock stitched for increased strength. Survival experts across the world agree that a bandana is a very useful piece of gear in a survival situation. From covering the head to prevent sunburn, to water collection from dew, to tying slings and splints for first aid uses; bandanas can perform many vital tasks for the survivor. The Head for Survival bandana performs these functions very well, and much more.


  • Sized Large at 99 x 99 x 132cm (39” x 39” x 52”) triangular. Able to be formed into a sling for arm injuries, and for splinting.
  • When worn on the head, the extra-long tailing is used to shade the rear of the neck to prevent sunburn. Can be halved in order to create a smaller profile bandana without long tails.
  • Survival Information includes: Navigation, Fire Starting, Shelter, Water Collection & Purification, Signalling, a useful Knots section, and a section for Priorities considerations. The information provided presumes you have little gear with you, and so relies most heavily on improvised techniques for the topics covered. For example, it won’t tell you how to use your compass (you should already know that), but will tell you how to use the stars, your watch, or the shadow stick method to find direction. It won’t teach you how to use a flint striker, but will cover fire building essentials to aid you in making sure that whatever you do use, it will be successful. There’s a lot of information here. It’s printed in 10.5 point font, to maintain its readability while providing as much information as possible.
  • 100% Soft-Brush Polyester construction, with non-running ink. This provides a much more durable material than regular cotton for first aid uses such as splinting, slinging, pressure bandages, and more. While the material dries quickly (and thus, preventing bacterial or fungal growth versus regular cotton) it can absorb water from sweating, or from dew collection / still evaporate, and more.
  • (2 x 5cm (2") safety pins are included for sling and splint preparation.


  • Medical & First Aid: Splinting, Slinging, Pressure Bandage, Tourniquet (with proper training), Head Bandage, Dust Mask, and many more.
  • Water Collection: Can absorb sweat, dew, or evaporate from stills, yet dries quickly to aid in prevention of bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Shading: When worn, aids in prevention of sunburn on head and neck areas. Improvise! However you can envision a bandana to be used in a survival situation, the Head for Survival Triangular Bandana / Cravat will answer that need.

If you carry a bandana into the wild, carry the Head for Survival Triangular Bandana / Cravat!

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