Survival Card- Sewing and First Aid Card (GRIM SURVIVAL TOOLS)

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Sewing kit Card

Have you ever bent down to pick something up and had that horrible moment when you feel a cool breeze across your backside? Well don’t worry Grim’s got your butt covered with its Sewing kit card! The perfect addition to any survival, emergency, or EDC kit. With unparalleled space saving, weight saving capacity this tool is a no brainer if you want to lighten your load, while still giving you all you need and more. Just slip grims sewing kit card into a small tin, wallet, or pocket and you’ve got what you need when you need it and where you need it. If carrying tools with you isn’t your style, peel the adhesive backing off the tool and stick it onto any flat surface, it has a permanent adhesive on one side, so it can be stuck to box lids, outside, inside, or anywhere else you can think to put it. It’s hard to believe we packed so many different useful and functional tools in a space no bigger than a credit card. You won’t find any bottle openers here, this tool is all about function. Each item is reusable and can be removed from the card base and deployed, then returned into its original position on the card when you finished using it. With nearly 3 dozen different needles of all shapes and sizes this little tool has all your sewing needs packed into one little spot. From large awls for stitching canvas and other thick materials, to needles for stitching a wound, we’ve got a needle for everything, and a button for it too. This item is a no brainer for any camping, survival, emergency, or bushcraft kit. Or if you just like having a sewing kit on hand. So you get the storage size of a credit card with the function’s you’d find in a small backpack of gear minus the bulging pockets and sore back, oh yeah, and its reusable to boot.

  • Made in the USA- This tool was designed, produced manufactured, and had its materials sourced here in the U.S.A
  • Credit card sized- under 1mm thick Sized to fit into a wallet, small tin, or small pocket
  • Stainless steel- highly corrosion resistant surgical grade Hardened stainless steel, Tough and functional.
  • Tool retention system- one side (black) allows semi permanent adhesion allowing tools to be removed, and used again and again, then put back. Non Magnetic non sticky. The other side (white) has a permanent adhesive allowing you to stick your tool kits to other objects allowing for unparalleled accessibility.
  • Items included- small awl x2, Large awl x1, large stitching needle x5 med stitching needle x18, buttons x4