UCO Sitka LED Lantern Series- Long Battery Life

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For 200,000 years, humans have navigated by the light of the Sun, Moon and Stars. With the advent of artificial light, we positioned our indoor lighting above our heads. Why? It was only natural. Activities, obstacles and changes in terrain are better comprehended by our brains when light is from above – it’s just the way we are hard wired. This why we invented the Sitka Lift Lantern System. Light from above means a safer, more comfortable way to illuminate your environment when camping at night. Ditch those ground level camping lanterns that cause eye strain and disorientation. Experience light from above – it’s the natural way to see.


  • Integrated extension arm elevates the light source from 12.5" to 26" (32 to 66cm)
  • Increases usable light, reduces shadows & eliminates LED eye-glare
  • Infinity Dial allows fine tuning of light output from low to high
  • USB Power Output
  • Runs on 6 x D Cell bateries (Sitka)/ Runs on a rechargeable 8800mAh Li-ion battery (Sitka+)
  • Northern Lights Mode (red, green and blue LED)


  • Lumens: Collapsed: 360 Extended: 500
  • Bulb: Super Bright LED
  • USB: 1 x 1A (Sitka)/ 2 x 1A (Sitka+)
  • Battery: 6 x D Cell bateries (Sitka)/ 8800 mAH rechargeable Li-ion (Sitka+)
  • Battery Life: 5 hours on high, 70 hours on low
  • Water Resistance: IPX 4
  • Weight: w/ batteries: 2.2 lbs or 1 kg
  • Warranty: Limited 1-Year

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Well made.

Very nice. Good lighting when you lift up the extension I couldn’t get the rechargeable model so I got rechargeable batteries and installed them. It’s definitely a necessity because we seem to be getting more frequent black outs from ice storms ,lightning and trees knocking down power lines . No regrets so far.