SAS 3 pack Take-down Arrow 31" Black


Modified Easton Aluminium XX75 Game Getter 400 Spine Arrow with marine grade 316 stainless steel inserts and combo point

  • 400 spine
  • Black or camo shaft with fire orange and black Easton Diamond Vanes
  • Cut to 31" inches long
  • Precision turned marine grade 316 stainless steel take-down insert to combat corrosion.

The SAS Tactical Survival Bow is designed to store 3 full take-down arrows (cut to 31 inches, which is the maximum allowable draw for the bow) inside of its riser in two 15.5 inch halves. One of the aims of the SAS's design of the tactical survival bow system was to ensure that all components and materials are carefully designed and chosen to ensure they can endure a long term survival situation. Arrows are especially difficult items to keep in good working order out in the field when used on a day to day basis and in all weather conditions. SAS therefore chose aluminium arrows to do the job as they are less prone to cracking and splintering when hitting hard objects such as bones and rocks and this not only makes them a good choice for long term usage, but also greatly reduces the risk of injuries that could change the game out in the field where medical help is not always available.

Whilst the Tactical Survival Bow optimally stores 3 full take-down arrows inside the hollow riser, it is possible to store 5 rear halves inside the riser, if you store the front halves next to the bow in the camo carry bag.

Note: Bow in photo not included in purchase.