RUX Utility Straps (Pair)


Made from flexible, durable polyurethane, RUX Utility Straps lash your RUX to racks and rails on your vehicle, ATV, cargo bike, snowmobile, boat, or wherever else you need it.

Your RUX aside, these infinitely versatile straps are equally useful in your everyday life as well, for skis, bikes, hardware, garden hoses, electrical wires, and everything else you’d like.

We bring these things with us EVERYWHERE. Those who know, know.

  • WORKING LOAD LIMIT 60lbs / 27.2kg
  • WEIGHT 1oz / 28g (each)
  • DIMENSIONS 0.88” x 18” (2.22cm x 46cm)
  • MINIMUM DIAMETER 1.25” / 3.2cm
  • MAXIMUM DIAMETER 5” / 12.7cm
  • BUCKLE Polished Aircraft Aluminum