Russian Bear "UP-5" Woodstove Tent with DOOR | 3-8 person



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UP-5 is a proud representative of the “UP" series of two-layer, quick-setup tents already popular in the US and Canada because of their proven reliability, durability, and functionality. Please note that this tent does not include a mini-vestibule. Universal Vestibule 118''x76'' for UP-series Tents can not be attached to the tent.


  • Diameter - 173"
  • Height - 87”
  • Weight - 65.03 lbs
  • Window - 2 pieces
  • Entrance - 2 pieces
  • Diameter of smoke pipe hole - 1 hole - 3.54”


  • Outer tent, inner tent with floor, frame
  • Wing door - 1 piece
  • Tent-pegs - 1 set
  • Detachable organizer with Velcro fastener - 2 pieces
  • Ropes - 1 set
  • Dome net shelf - 1 piece
  • Bag - 1 piece
  • Clamping bolt - 1 piece
  • Spare parts kit - 1 piece
  • Canopy support kit - 1 piece

IMPORTANT - The wood stove, three-layer insulated floor, and vestibule are additional options and sold separately.

Note: Bear in mind, final product may look differently. The manufacturer reserves the right to unilaterally without notifying the customer to change the color and final design of the products

Portable all-season living module:

The UP-2 tent can comfortably accommodate 1-4 persons. This medium-sized tent is suitable for all outdoor enthusiasts and will keep your warm regardless of the weather outside. The umbrella-type frame design enables you to set up a tent on any type of terrain in only 2 minutes. This tent is a great choice if you travel by car, but if you want to install it in a more remote area, you’d need an ATV or snowmobile.

Suitable for all-season camping:

UP-2 is an all-season tent, meaning that it can be used all year round, regardless of the weather outside. The shelter will shade you from the sun in summer and from snow, frost and wind in winter. The wood stove maintains a pleasant interior temperature even if it is extremely cold outside. We recorded 82°+ F inside when it was 22°- F outside.

Durable and reliable materials:

The tent frame is made of aviation alloy B95T1: a durable, high-strength material that restores its initial shape even after bearing a heavy load. The outer layer of the tent is manufactured from a sturdy, innovative, and water-resistant material, Oxford 300 PU 4000, and the inner layer is manufactured from Oxford 210 PU 2000. The air space between two layers significantly decreases condensation and effectively retains interior heat.

Safety features:

Our tents have all the necessary safety features, including protective metal shields on the stove to prevent the risk of fire and burning, light-reflecting elements that are visible to drivers and help prevent accidents, a zippered floor that provides protection from insects and snakes in warm weather and from water in rainy weather, etc.

Protection from Insects:

All doors and windows have mosquito nets and reinforced zippers. We started using reinforced zippers especially for winter.

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