Real Avid Gun-Max Gun Oil - 12 oz Aerosol


Gun-Max Gun Oil – 12 oz Aerosol is the ultimate solution for extreme corrosion protection and lubrication for modern guns. With its advanced gun-metal grade formula, Gun-Max Gun Oil sets a new standard in gun care, ensuring that your firearms are protected, lubricated and cleaned to perfection.

Gun-Max Gun Oil is a powerful rust inhibitor that displaces moisture, providing extended corrosion protection. This means that your guns will be safeguarded against the damaging effects of rust, even in challenging environments. The advanced anti-friction additives in Gun-Max Gun Oil bond to metal surfaces, ensuring longer-lasting lubrication of moving parts and minimizing friction-induced wear and tear.

Gun-Max Gun Oil is specifically designed to excel in sub-zero temperatures and harsh operating conditions, making it the perfect choice for those who frequently use their guns in extreme environments. Its exceptional performance in high cycle rate semi-auto guns makes it a must-have for any serious shooter.

The two-position nozzle straw of Gun-Max Gun Oil offers unparalleled flexibility. With a flip-up nozzle, you can choose between a pin-point application for precise chemical usage or a wider spray for broader coverage. The straw is also conveniently stored when not in use, ensuring that it doesn’t get lost or misplaced.

When it comes to gun cleaning, Gun-Max Gun Oil is part of a complete solution offered by Real Avid. For the best results, use Gun-Max Gun Oil in combination with Bore-Max® Bore Foam – 12 oz Aerosol and Foul-Out® Gunk Blaster – 12 oz Aerosol to achieve a thorough and effective cleaning routine.

Gun-Max Gun Oil doesn’t compromise on performance or quality. Its long-lasting lubrication, corrosion protection and ability to assist in cleaning grime and dirt set it apart from other gun oils on the market. It has been extensively tested and proven to outperform competitors in critical areas such as corrosion resistance, long-lasting lubrication and low-temperature viscosity.

Gun-Max Gun Oil is the result of years of research and development by Real Avid, a trusted name in the Gun DIY® industry. Their commitment to providing the best tools for gun owners is evident in the formulation of Gun-Max Gun Oil, which addresses the specific needs of gun owners, hunters, sport shooters, law enforcement officers, home defense owners and collectors.

Don’t compromise on the care of your firearms. Choose Gun-Max Gun Oil and experience the ultimate corrosion protection and lubrication for your modern guns.


  • Provides extreme corrosion protection and lubrication for modern guns.
  • Advanced gun-metal grade formula sets a new standard in gun care.
  • Displaces moisture and offers extended corrosion protection.
  • Bonds to metal surfaces for longer-lasting lubrication and reduced wear.
  • Designed to excel in sub-zero temperatures and harsh operating conditions.
  • Features a two-position nozzle straw for flexible application.
  • Part of a complete gun cleaning solution by Real Avid.
  • Outperforms competitors in corrosion resistance, lubrication and viscosity.
  • Trusted product by Real Avid, a leader in the Gun DIY® industry.
  • Experience reliable gun performance with Gun-Max Gun Oil – 12 oz Aerosol.