Prepper's Medical Manual


The Ultimate Readiness Guide for Medical Emergencies in Disaster Situations

While many first aid manuals provide valuable instructions on how to respond to various medical situations, they may not meet the needs of the average citizen preparing to meet a broad range of medical emergencies, with limited skills, limited supplies, and limited or non-existent support from the Emergency Management System and medical professionals.
In this color-photo illustrated manual, veteran survivalist and trained EMT James C. Jones did not create “just another” first aid book. Instead, each subject is approached from the perspective of equipping the untrained citizen to provide care for family members and neighbors, under extremely trying conditions, without expert help. Prepper’s Medical Manual includes basic first aid subjects, such as bandaging, splinting, control of bleeding, and treatment of shock, along with those subjects specifically associated with the needs of those responding to true disaster emergencies. Complete with multiple step-by-step response guides and checklists for stocking personal medical emergency kits, Prepper's Medical Manual can ensure readiness for even the worst-case scenario.

Pages: 232 Pages


James C. Jones is the cofounder of Live Free USA, a national survival club and self-reliance organization. He has developed and conducted hundreds of survival training events and seminars over the past forty years. He writes for several national preparedness and survival related publications, while continuing to teach a variety of survival courses. He is also the author of TheUltimate Book of Survival Gear, Advanced SurvivalBeyond Survival, and Total Survival. He lives in the Midwest.