Powerfilm 120 Watt Foldable Solar Panel (FM16-7200)


The 120 Watt Foldable Solar Panel provides you with a step-up in power point for solar charging medium to large electronic devices directly using the DC power or by utilizing one of many available accessories.

How the solar panel works:
  1. Place the solar panel in the sun.

  2. Connect your device to the charger using a male 12V car charger adapter (RA-1) and the included female 12V car charger adapter (RA-2).

  3. Optionally, the charger can be connected directly to a 12V battery for battery charging and power storage.

What's in the package:

  • 120W Foldable Solar Panel

  • 12V female car charger adapter

Best uses:

  • 12V battery charging

  • HAM Radio

  • Camp lighting

  • DC electric coolers

  • Laptop - recommend use of a battery in place of direct charging

  • Car battery maintenance

Suggested accessories:

  • 15' extension cord with alligator clip connectors (RA-8)

  • 10A charge controller (CC12V-10)

  • Anderson power pole connector (RA-13)

  • 12V USB adapter (RA-14)

Electrical Specifications:

  • Wattage: 120W

  • Operating Voltage: 15.4V

  • Current: 7.2A

Physical Specifications:

  • Dimensions (in)

    • Folded: 14.5 x 14.0 x 3.0

    • Unfolded: 86.5 x 55.0

  • Dimensions (mm)

    • Folded: 368.3 x 355.6 x 76.2

    • Unfolded: 2,197.1 x 1,397.0

  • Weight (lb): 6.3

  • Weight (kg): 2.9

Operating Voltage and Current are typical values when tested under load at AM 1.5 lighting conditions. Power performance may vary due to temperature, light spectrum and other effects (minimum 90% rated when new).


  • Solar BOOST controller for 350W solar panels/array, recommended current input 8A, programmed with a charge voltage CC/CV at 54.2V for 14S Lithium batteries (4.17V per cell)
  • High-Speed MPPT, the GVB-8-WP tracks the M.P.P. with a speed tracking of 15 Hz (15 times per sec.)
  • The unique Genasun technology allows to hit 99% Peak Efficiency, tiny dimensions, and tiny consumption (mA)
  • Waterproof, ideal for ebikes, golf carts, and electrical vehicles
  • 5-Year Warranty, Made in the USA, CE,FCC,RoHS certifications. Datasheet in the “Technical Specification” below

All weather charging, in any condition! The waterproof GVB-8-WP charge controller with MPPT allows a lower-voltage solar panel to charge higher-voltage batteries. The GVB-8-Li-54.2V-WP can charge a 13S Li-ion (48V nominal) battery with a 36/60-cell solar panel. True MPPT delivers consistent performance! The advanced electronics inside the controller are encased in a proprietary potting compound making them ideal for ebikes, marine, golf carts, and electrical vehicle applications where they are exposed to the elements.


    • MPPT BOOST technology
    • LED indicator for battery state of charge
    • 99% Peak Efficiency
    • High-speed MPPT Tracking (15 times per sec)
    • Advanced electronic protection (over-temperature, panel overload, battery and panel switched, reverse battery polarity, reverse panel polarity)
    • Advanced CC/CV charge profile
    • In-line Fuse 58V/10A battery side
    • Tiny self-consumption
    • Radio Silence, HAM Radio friendly
    • Made in the USA
    • 5-Year Warranty


  • Max. Recommended Panel Power: 350W
  • Rated Panel (Input) Current: 8A
  • Minimum Panel Voltage for Charging: 5V
  • Minimum Battery Voltage for Operation: 9.5V
  • Maximum Input Panel: 60V
  • Recommended Max Panel Voc at STC: 50V
  • Maximum Input Short Circuit Current: 8A
  • Charge Voltage CC/CV: 54.2V (13S with charge voltage 4.17V per cell)
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C – 85°C
  • Maximum Full Power Ambient: 70°C
  • Standby Consumption: 5mA
  • Environmental Protection: IP68 (Waterproof)
  • Connection: Flying Leads, 16 AWG tinned wire, pre-stripped
  • Weight: 10.3oz., 290 g
  • Dimensions: 5.5x3.2x2.2”

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