Power Access Assisted open Multi-Tool w/ hex bit


SOG PowerAccess Assist MT is the ultimate daily use multi-tool, with one-handed assisted open access to frequently used knife blades and tools that lock securely in place once open. SOG’s patented gear-driven Compound Leverage mechanism features twice the cutting and gripping power of conventional pliers, with a center axis magnetic hex bit driver for enhanced capability. Item PA3002-CP

PowerAccess Assist MT comes with every feature needed in a multi-tool. Assisted opening, compound leverage, 21 tools, and a sheath + kit combo make this an essential part of your EDC kit.

Built off of the PowerAccess line, PowerAccess Assist MT is designed to tackle any challenges in your day-to-day, whether it's a big project or a quick fix.

Full featured and full-sized multi-tool with rapid one-handed assisted opening for multiple knife blades and tools and Compound Leverage pliers for increased grip.

Rapid one-handed assisted opening for multiple frequently used everyday knife blades and tools.

Gear-driven pivot points generate greater handle travel in relation to plier movement, offering twice the cutting and gripping power of conventional pliers for smoother and easier use.

21 Tools: Including pliers, gripper, soft and hard wire cutter, crimper, can opener, small flat screwdriver, 3-sided file, straight blade, jewelry driver, awl, large flat screwdriver, ruler, protractor and magnetic hex driver.

Extra utility, includes 12 piece kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Willy Hunt
It's light, has smooth action and it's better than my leatherman

It's nice! Better than I hoped, it's light, has nice action opening and closing with one hand. Takes a little practice and I haven't pinched anything yet. The spring action on the blade is super snappy. The action on the other spring loaded tools didn't seem to function as good as the blade. All the attachments are super useful you can even put socket wrench bits on it its crazy. I love it, the pouch it comes with is great has the little skull embroidered on. Quality gear from canadian prepper as usual.

Pat Quinn
Absolute Rugged Beast

This multi-tool is an absolute beast and a work horse. I will not be able to break this thing if I tried.
The Pliers are smooth and the needle nose tip comes very close to replacing tweezers.
2 different bit driver options work very well as you would expect.
All tools lock!
Molle sheath was a welcome surprise.
My only nitpicking (which I knew before buying) is that the pliars are not spring loaded. (Boo-hoo).
Knife/Saw/Serrated/Rope cutter all razor sharp out of the box and spring action is fantastic.
I have the mini Gerber Dime multi-tool with the package opener which is by far my most used tool and the rope cutter on this tool will be a great substitute and will get lots of love.
Overall ... I'm very pleased! I can definitely understand why Canadian Prepper sells this tool.