Outdoor Survival Canada KLIN Pants Overalls -40° Celcius

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For outdoor enthusiasts, warmth from head to toe is crucial. The down-filled Klin snow pant protects and insulates.


  • Entrax – Waterproof/Windproof/Stain Resistant Outer Shell (Critical seams are sealed)
  • Entrax 800 – Moisture Wicking and Breathable Lining
  • 650 Loft Power Premium Down
  • Machine Washable
  • Temperature Rating of -40°C/°F


  • 2-Way heavy duty YKK front and leg zippers
  • Knit Expansion Sides
  • Fleece Lined Zippered Pockets
  • Velcro Secured Pockets
  • Double Reinforced Knees and Seat
  • Snow Cuff in lower pant legs
  • Elastic boot straps

Down Fill

Content: Goose & duck down blend
Loft Power: 650
All OSC and OSC Cross lightweight jackets and parkas are filled with a high-level proprietary blend of goose and duck down in accordance with North American standards. The down goes through a sanitizing process of being treated with an antibacterial agent to ensure the highest quality insulation is used in your garment.
The fill power (or Loft Power) is the measure of the "lofts". The down clusters and small feathers work to insulate by lofting up and trapping air which then reflects your body heat back onto you to keep you warm. It is important to note that the measure of the quality of a garment is not restricted to LP, but to other factors including fabrication and construction of the garment.

What is down fill?

Down is a high-performance, natural by-product from duck and geese, and is well-known for its favorable warmth-to-weight insulation. Unlike feathers, down is the soft layer of fine filament clusters between the stiffer, exterior feathers of water fowl. The down fill of this garment is comprised of a proprietary blend of white goose and duck down, with a fill power of 650. As a down-filled product, this garment does not contain large feathers and not only adheres to, but exceeds the Canadian Standards for down-fill products.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Chris S
    Ultimate Level 3 Bottom

    I have tried out these KLIN Pant Overalls yesterday at the tail end of the large North Eastern snowstorm yesterday. Snow falls off the material, it dries very quickly, and it felt quite warm, so warm in fact that it feeling like 7 degrees F with the windchill still had me sweat a bit. This was without having a base layer underneath it. Good thing that there are YKK zippers on the sides to open, allow some air to flow which fixed the sweat issue. Since it's an overall, it goes up covering half my chest. Due to this I was able to keep my wool jacket unzipped to keep warm enough without overheating with just my base wool layer underneath. My temperature runs more on the cooler side, as I get cold easier, but I surely won't have any issues staying warm in this thing! The 2 side pockets are warm, sized large enough to fit your hands in them, and the 2 front pockets store some extra goodies like glasses, keys, phone...etc. One can probably function fine enough in -50C with a wool base layer underneath. Down is fairly bulky and shouldn't be packed tight to preserve the fluff. I hang it over a hanger in half inside my closet.

    About me: I am 5' 6" and weigh 125 pounds and the Medium fits perfectly. I am more so a minimalist, so I buy things which will last nearly a lifetime. The fit and feel of this product matches my expectation. The OSC jacket is on its way as I write the review and should arrive right before the next heavy snowstorm to test out!