Nuclear War Survival Skills Updated & Expanded 2022 Edition


Nuclear War Survival Skills Updated and Expanded 2022 Edition Regarding Ukraine Russia and the World: The Best Book on Any Nuclear Incident Ever Written Updated Yearly by Steven Harris with New Methods and Tools As New Threat Emerge

I am the update author and publisher. The Original Author, Cresson Kearny, mentored me for nearly 8 years and I've taught preparedness professionally for 30 years to civilian, corporate, government and military. I've updated Cresson's book for 2022. The original book written by Cresson Kearny and updated by him in 1987 is timeless. The book is fantastic and it will help you and protect you from any nuclear incident. Whether it is full out nuclear war or a nuclear accident or nuclear detonations going off on the other side of the world. I address nuclear detonations in the EU and what that means to the USA. What happens if we have a few detonations in the USA? How does that affect you here? What happens and how to understand radiation will be explained to you in this book so you can be prepared and not fear it from ignorance of the subject. The whole book addresses all out nuclear war w/ USA & Russia or China, its from 1987 after all. Most everything in the book is "Expedient Civil Defense" that uses stuff easily available in your home or easy to obtain. Cresson mentored Steven Harris for years and he promised to keep Cresson's book in print and available to the entire world in the event of a crisis. The original 1987 version is available for free download, but in 2022 Steven felt that he needed to add updated pages to the book. The original work of brilliance and majesty of preparedness has not changed. Pages have been added to explain new tools and methods that exist today in 2022, that did not exist in 1987. News of a detonation will go around the world electronically and instantly with internet and communications that barely existed in 1987. LED Lights and Lithium batteries did not exist then, but, today they can provide illumination as well as Cresson's original cooking oil lamp. We have more abundant and affordable radiation measurement devices available on Amazon & elsewhere. Cresson's bucket stove used twisted pieces newspaper as a simple fuel which is not in every house now, yet amazon boxes are. The book is not out of date. Just updated. New updates coming out yearly. Steven Harris wants to empower you with more options and more pre-crisis preparations that are easy, affordable and local. This IS your first best book on 'what do I do.'. Cresson's life, lives of many others and my life has been dedicated to this.

Title: Nuclear War Survival Skills Updated and Expanded 2022 Edition..

Publisher: Knowledge Publications Corporation

Publication Date: 2022

Binding: Soft cover

Book Condition: New

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