NORTENT Mjodhall 16 - Winter Hot Tent for 16 People



NORTENT Mjodhall 16 is a spacious and solid tent. An extremly large "home" for 16 people with 4 entrances.  Mjodhall 16 is designed for the most inhospitable conditions. Spacious but at the same time somewhat mobile and light in relation to what this tent has to offer. We have designed that the tent can be packed in modules and thus distributed among several people. Mjodhall 16 has a total of 8 poles that "runs" over the tent in such a way that they form a very strong, stable and steady "skeleton". In addition to the fact that this tent is free-standing with eight aluminum poles, The Mjodhall provides a hugely strong construction that can withstand severe weather and heavy snow-load. A "cabin" to use in the wild. 

Our inspiration for this tent comes from an ancient Nordic hall for Viking kings. The Mjødhall was normally in the center of the village, providing a spacious and luxurious shelter for the Viking chief and his people. As such it was considered the safest place in the village.

Like all our tents, the Mjodhall also has storm-flaps all around the tent to make the tent even more stable with snow, sand or stones over the flaps. A 4-season tent that provides shelter and protection in most conditions. Summer and winter. Even without the guylines, the tent stands very firmly in the wind. But when needed, the tent has a total of 18 guylines. A truly versatile 16 man tent for the vast majority of  expeditions and basecamps.


  • 4 seasons.
  • Capasity: 16 persons.
  • Flysheet: 
    Mjodhall 16 : 
  • Plugs/ stakes: 38 aluminium Y-peg
  • Poles: 8 pcs. high quality aluminium. 15,2 mm.
  • Guylines: 18
  • Weight: Tent with stakes and poles: 20 kg
  • Height: 239 cm
  • Width: 432 cm
  • Length: 700 cm

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