NorTent Koie 7- Winter Hot Tent for 7 People

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Specs and contents

  • 4 seasons
  • Capacity: 7 persons. 4 persons with inner tent
  • Flysheet: Ripstop silnylon 40D, 260T, waterhead 3000mm
  • Pegs/ stakes: 39 pcs, aluminium Y-peg (490 g)
  • Guylines: Dyneema 11 pcs (95 g)
  • Poles: 2 pcs. high quality aluminium (1,8 kg)
  • Weight min: 3,6 kg (without poles, stakes and guylines)
  • Weight max: 5,9 kg (With stakes, poles and guylines)
  • Hight: 185 cm
  • Length: 485 cm
  • Width: 325 cm

NORTENT Koie 7 is a very stable and solid tent. A large "home" for as many as 7 people and with 3 entrances. When using an inner tent, 4 people are comfortable with room for all the gear.  Koie 7 is designed to accommodate a "large" number of people, and withstand challenging weather. We have equipped Koie 7 with as many as 11 guylines in addition to 22 fasteners for stakes that encloses the tent. This gives a very solid and "fixed" tent that does not move that much when the wind increases. You simply avoid the flickering in the tent fabric you often experience with other tents as the 33 attachment stabilizes the fabric in such a way that the fabric itself is somewhat steady, stable and fixed. The word "Koie" comes from an old Norwegian housing that was set up to provide shelter and protection for workers in the forest throughout the winter season.

The flysheet is 100% waterproof. But like every other quality tent with this type of fabric, the seams have to be lubricated with a special mix of silicon to become fully waterproof. But a sealed tent isn’t>a perfect tent. It has to have good ventilation as well. The circulation of air inside the tent is essential. Without circulation, you will experience condensation on the inside of the outer tent. Ventilation is a key factor to avoid condensation. This is why Koie 76 is equipped with 3 vents. 2 in the top of the tent where moist air is able to escape out of the tent, and 1 large air vents further down the tent for suction of air into the tent while providing plenty of oxygen if using a stove. All exposed areas on the outer fabric are reinforced with Dyneema fabric. Dyneema is considered the worlds strongest fabric. It is therefore perfectly appropriate that we have added this fabric to our tents.

The Koie 7 is equipped with 3 entrances - 1 on each side and a main, big entrance. The main entrance can also be used as a tarp over the entrance area leading into the tent in such a way that that the "residential area" is expanded outside the tent. By setting the main door as a tarp, you will also invite nature into the "living room" where you are able to stay inside the tent, but at the same time enjoy the outside. Together with an optional stove, you may achieve some very exiting configurations with the tent. 

Koie 7 is designed with a stove in mind. Being able to feel warm, pleasant and comfortable in a tent is something we believe lifts the whole outdoor experience to new levels. While the weather rages outside with icy winds and rain, you enjoy comfort inside the tent with 20-30 degrees Celcius. The location of the stove in Koie 7 is placed in the center of the tent so heat circulates to both sides of the tent. If you choose to use an inner tent in Koie 7 (optional), the stove can easily be operated from both inner tents.

Koie 7can be used with 2 optional inner tents on each half of the tent. This makes Koie 7 a very flexible tent where you can choose to use one, two, or no inner tent, depending on your needs and adventure. When using 2 inner tents, you actually have two tents inside where you have the opportunity to divide the tent into two bedrooms. Two persons making camp could choose to use one inner tent, and have a large common space for eating and storing gear, or 2 inner tents where each person sleep in their own "bedroom". The stove can be used with all configurations. For cold days, you can seal the doors in the inner tent completely (If you have an inner tent) For hot days you can open them, but still have mosquito nets that protect against insects. In addition, there are mosquito nets in all three entrances of the outer tent.