NexTool 14-in-1 Folding Shovel TACTICAL


NexTool multi-function folding shovel advances the tradition of the classic survival shovel by making it more durable, more portable and more powerful. Its multiuse spade head can be adjusted to function as different tools like shovel, hoe and hook by loosening the handle thread. The spade head and handle are respectively made of anti-corrosion 20Cr13 martensitic stainless steel and high-strength 6061-T6 aviation aluminum, to ensure years of heavy use in austere conditions. This durable model with detachable frames is packable and portable, so that you can have a shovel or multi-function tool whenever and wherever you need. You can carry it with you easily by using the included nylon bag or keep it in your pack for digging, hoeing, sawing and other essential survival tasks.

There are numerous tools in the handle of the shovel:

  1. A fire steel which, with sparks up to + 3000 ° C, ensures a fire even in cold temperatures
  2. A whistle
  3. One slotted and one Phillips screwdriver
  4. A compass
  5. A glass breaker made of nano-ceramic
  6. A PPM rope

Even the spade shovel offers useful additional functions:

  1. A saw
  2. A bottle opener
  3. A belt cutter
  4. Two hex keys for the most common sizes


  • Shovel handle: 100% Aluminum
  • Blade: 100% Stainless Steel
  • Shovel grip: 100% Aluminum


  • Folding spade: 157 x 50 x 45 mm
  • Handle length: 76 cm
  • Total blade length: 100 cm
  • Blade area: 20 x 15.8 cm (L x W)

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