Winnerwell Fastfold PLUS Titanium L-Sized Tent Stove (ONLY 7.3 LBS)


Winnerwell Fastfold PLUS Titanium Nested Pipe L-sized Camping Stove

Premier light-weight stove for backcountry skiers, hunters and explorers

  • Precision-crafted in titanium for superior heat transfer efficiency and light weight. 
  • Fastfold design sets a new standard in reliable, hassle-free set-up.
  • Integrated airflow dampers in the door and the base of the flue allow you to control burn rate.
  • Functions as an ultralight firepan with the top cover removed, ideal for river runners and campers in sensitive wilderness areas.

With the upgraded NESTED PIPE and the Reinforcement design, the Winnerwell® Fastfold PLUS Titanium Nested Pipe Camping Stove is the premier light-weight stove for backcountry skiers, hunters and explorers. 

The NESTED PIPE is very easy for assembly and disassembly, one person can easily get it done. The upgraded design makes the pipe more durable and lasting, not easy to get damaged. All the pipe sections are nested in one when for storage and transportation to be portable and space-saving.  

The Fastfold design sets a new standard in reliable, hassle-free set-up. There are no hardware parts to lose or fumble with cold hands, simply fold the walls into place and secure with integrated clasps. 


  • Material: Titanium 
  • Stowed Dimension: 425(L)mm×355(W)mm×110(H)mm / 16.7(L)in×14(W)in×4.3(H)in
  • Assembly Dimension: 540(L)mm×260(W)mm×3080(H)mm / 21.3(L)in×10.2(W)in×121.3(H)in
  • Net Weight: 3.3kg / 7.3lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Winnerwell Fastfold PLUS Titanium L-Sized Tent Stove

Excellent product. I tried it when it was -5C in my 13ft canvas Bell tent. All I can say is if you wanted to make a tent this size into a sauna this unit would do the job. I was able to bring the interior temperature to +45C. I had to open the doors to cool things down. Once you get the hang of the dampers it is easy enough to regulate interior temps to 20C for about 3 hours per loading. As a comparison, I have a portable Buddy heater (propane) and on high it was able to get to 25C under the same conditions. While this may be more than sufficient, it comes with much more smell and a lot less ambiance.

Setup and take down are a breeze and I love how compact everything is. The nesting stove pipe is a great option for storage and setup. Everything packs very nicely into a very light weight package that anyone can transport. You could easily hike with this setup

As with all Titanium make sure you season it outside before your first use. A seasoning burn can get quite smelly and I doubt it would be very healthy either.

Operation, starting, cleanup were all very easy. I had no issues generating a draft as I "pre-heated" with a couple of pages of newspaper at the back of the stove before I built the main fire. By doing this I had zero smoke in the tent and the fire burned clean. I had a CO monitor running the entire time and there was absolutely no issue.

All in all I would recommend this stove if you have the money.

winnerwell stove review

I have received the larger titanium Winnerwell stove and I like it. It looks as though it is simply a slightly larger version of the ultralight. I like the increase (but not the cost!!!!) in size to better heat my Nortent Gamme4 and prefer the sectional pipe compared to the silly, pain in the butt, rolled pipe. I have not tried the tent/stove combo yet but will write another review once I have. the downside to using the nested pipe is that if you want to keep your pipe shorter when in use you will not be able to use the spark arrester and guy line anchor ring that fit over the top pipe. Of course you can simply make your own arrester out of screen mesh and fashion a guy line anchor ring yourself. As I am now into my 60's I am looking forward to towing a 20 lb tent/stove combo on my pulk instead of the 40-50 lb combo that I have been using over the years. I am interested to see how the mesh spark arrester performs. I live in the Yukon and we burn mostly spruce when camping and I use a homemade mesh arrester and I have to be careful to bang the buildup of soot out of it every so ofter or the performance of the stove suffers from lack of air flow.