Nitecore FSP100 Foldable Solar Panel - 100W

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The NITECORE FSP100 is now released as a foldable solar panel with a max output of 100W, aiming to provide an unlimited outdoor power off the grid and on the go.

The FSP100 has a cell efficiency of 24%, which is 60% higher than conventional solar panels. The monocrystalline silicon can also achieve a stable energy conversion even in an overcast day. When the sunlight is sufficient, the FSP100 offers a consistent and limitless power supply in the outdoor environment combined with NITECORE NPS Series Portable Outdoor Power Stations.

Besides a DC port for the NITECORE NPS Series Portable Outdoor Power Stations, the FSP100 is equipped with 2 x USB-A ports and 1 x USB-C port for full compatibility of various devices. With sufficient sunlight, it enables multiple simultaneous and high-speed output for all your equipment. The voltage stabilizing module can regulate the output voltage according to different weather situations to guarantee a stable output and a safe charging process for the devices.

With an optimized portability and a light weight of only 2.1kg (4.6lbs), the FSP100 can be folded to a compact size similar to a laptop, ideal for one-hand carry and long-term storage. It can be the must-have in your outdoor activities or on your road trip


Unfolded: 58cm x 143cm x 2.5cm (22.8" x 56.3" x 1.0")
Folded: 29cm x 34cm x 7cm (11.4" x 13.4" x 2.8")
Weight: 2.1kg (4.6lbs)
Panel Number: 8
Cell Efficiency: 24%
Operating Current: DC Output 5.4A
Operating Voltage: DC Output 18V (MAX)
Total Output Power: 100W (MAX)
Output Ports: 7.9*5.5mm, USB-A x 2, USB-C
USB-A Output: 5V⎓3A
USB-C Output: 5V⎓3A
(USB Output: Total 3A MAX)


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Brian Oppenheimer
100W of power in your pack

This thing is sweetness. It folds very easily with hook and loop connectors to keep it folded and on the accompanying side pouch. It works well on partly cloudy days and really well in strong sunlight.

I paired this is a Zendure 2.7wH power pack and it easily charged 30% of that in about 4 hours from one if it's USB out ports. It has an 'alarm' when to much of the entire array is blocked from light [I think its about 20% blocked]. The pouch on the side is large enough to carry the Zendure and its charging cable securely.

A system as I describe will keep several devices fully charged while you're out in the field given access to direct sunlight.