Nalgene 32 oz Stainless Steel Bottle

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A Nalgene bottle made from surgical grade 316 (18/10) stainless steel. Unlike aluminum bottles our bottles have no lining of any kind. The wide mouth accommodates ice cubes and water filtration devices. The stainless steel will resist tastes and odors and is easy to clean. 

  • Features the Nalgene lifetime warranty
  • Features same size threads as a nalgene wide mouth
  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • Rope pack loop/lid attachment
  • Holds up to 32oz of fluid

The most versatile stainless bottles on the market!  The wide mouth opening is great for easy cleaning or filing with ice. It has a standard Nalgene thread pattern and 63 mm opening, which make them compatible with most water filters. The only wide mouth stainless bottles with stainless steel threads making them incredibly durable and good-looking!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Had this since the end of 2019. i got this to boil water on hikes. perfect for mountain house meals. this one is the most durable for its weight. wouldve never known about this without Nate's channel

My favorite bottle.

My absolute favorite, super strong bottle, with different caps available. I've 2 of them; one for fresh cold water, the other for hot water or tea, boiling my water by placing the bottle in, or on the fire. Use a fish mouth spreader to hang it above the fire, or remove from the fire. And I made a tight-fit felt bag for the bottle to keep my tea warm until the next stop.

Karl Torok
Absolutely amazing product!

It is clearly made of surgical steel. The lid has a strap with a clever way to remove it for when you need to place the bottle in the campfire to boil water. Anyone who has watched any You Tube survival videos knows that the best way to remove the bottle from the fire safely is with an 8" mouth spreader or make a toggle and use tarred bank line or parachute cord to remove it from the campfire. The height and diameter are perfect for the volume it provides. Man has not yet designed a better bottle for survival. Five Stars and a half.

Ian Sebryk

I've had one of these for almost 7 years. it had survived everything. I've even used it as a hammer. the only reason it doesn't have 5 stars is half lid (tough to grip with mitts) and half the 90° shoulder at the top (really hard to clean). but I've fixed both myself... so... for me, this is a MUST have item. period.