Silky Saws Katanaboy 1000mm | Jumbo Teeth (710-99)

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This powerful pull saw has a blade of 100 cm, with which you can easily saw through tree trunks of 50 cm and even larger ones with a bit of work! That is why the Katanaboy 1000 can comfortably be compared to a chainsaw; with the benefits of no oil, gasoline, noise and pollution. Moreover, with a weight of only 2 kg this saw is easy to carry.

This is the ideal saw for the tougher jobs: trail maintenance, sawing firewood or building a shelter during your camping trip in the woods. You will be amazed at how little energy is required to get great results. And secretly, it just gives an awesome feeling to be sawing with this saw! The Katanaboy can really handle everything: wet, dry, rotten or hardwood.

The strong blade has a progressive teeth ratio from 5 to 2.5 teeth per 30 mm. The finer teeth near the handle help the saw with the first cut. The extra coarse teeth aggressively tear through the rest of the branch. The teeth have been grinded into the blade in a unique way and stay sharp for a long time. By means of the locking button, you can quickly and easily unfold and fold this saw. For safety purposes, this process happens in two phases: first the saw can be folded halfway, and then (watch your fingers!) the saw can be folded fully.

The ergonomic rubber handle absorbs the vibrations. By using the Katanaboy with two hands, the shoulders are more relaxed which has a fantastic effect on the sawing power.

The Katanaboy 1000 is delivered with new nickel coating

The Katanaboy was named after the ‘Katana’ sword of the Samurai.

Technical specifications

  • Authentic Premium Japanese Steel
  • Nickle coating
  • Blade length: 1000 mm
  • Teeth: 2.5-5 teeth per 30 mm
  • Length unfolded: 223 cm
  • Length folded: 120 cm
  • Weight: 2400 g
  • Kerf: 2.4 mm

The blade must be kept clean to maintain its efficiency. The resin dissolves in olive oil, which is an effective and environmentally friendly way to maintain the blade with. More aggressive liquids can damage the rubber material of the handle.

When not using the saw, make sure it is dry at all times. Store the saw in a dry place, preferably in the nylon shoulder-bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Got wood?

I love being able to clear portages and quickly finish up the firewood job without having a heart attack. This thing is simply amazing.

Paul Dickens
Trail Maintainers Need a Large Katanaboy Saw

The large Silky Katanaboy saws, especially the 1000, are good companion to vintage crosscut saws for Wilderness trail work where power tools are not an option. The Katanaboy saws cut fast and can handle most of the downed tree problems that need to be cleared to keep trails open. The narrow blade is like a vintage felling saw and allows wedges to be quickly placed. The long handle has advantages over vintage crosscut saws for under bucking. The Katanaboy saws are the only taper ground, zero set modern saws that I am aware of. The only limit on what they can cut is saw length. The Katanaboy 1000 can cut up to a 20-inch diameter log. The Katanaboy saws can be sharpened if you have the special file and skill. Vintage crosscut saws are more efficient than the Katanaboy in terms of sawyer effort. Because the Katanaboy saws cut aggressively and only on the pull stroke, it takes more work to cut the same size log. The wedging, bind reading and other sawyer skills to cut with a Katanaboy efficiently and safely are the same as for vintage crosscut saws and for chainsaws. The Katanaboy saws are easier to carry than other crosscut saw options and about the same weight. The Katanaboy saws are lighter and easier to carry deep into the woods than a chainsaw where chainsaws are allowed for trail work. The Katanaboy 1000 is as advertised, a chainsaw alternative for most trail maintenance work. All serious trail maintainers and trail crews need a large Katanaboy saw.