Grim Survival Card- Line Card (12 yards waxed line)


Fishing Line, and Waxed Thread Card

What is a Line card? The Line Card contains over 35 feet of high strength line, is the same size and thickness as your standard credit card, and can be deployed in seconds.

Perfect For A Fishing Kit Or Sewing Kit

The cordage that the line card uses is a 20lb test waxed line that can work as fishing line, or thread and can be mounted onto the back of any of our credit card tools to form a comprehensive wallet kit for sewing, fishing, and more. It's usefulness cannot be over expressed.

Making Cordage Easy

The best survival cordage is the one that's available to you when you need it. A fish available in an easy spot, torn gear, or even a cut that needs to be sutured, sometimes you need the correct cordage now, not when you can make it yourself. Grab your line card, and remove the amount needed, saving the rest for later.

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