Grim Survival Card- Dave Canterbury Card

*Canadian Preppers Choice Product pair it with the "line card" and "Fishing Lure card"

This Signature Card was created with Bushcraft and Survival Expert Dave Canterbury. With nearly 25years of experience in bushcrafting, Dave has done just about everything one can in the bush. This experience has aided him in many of his pursuits throughout his life. From his time in the military to working on a reptile farm and work as a commercial fisherman, to becoming a New York Times bestselling author, and operating one of the world's top 12 survival schools, Dave has worn many hats and acquired many skills. 

This wide range of skills also allowed Dave Canterbury to become a world-renowned survival instructor,  bestselling author, and star of multiple survival-based television shows. Dave is one of the nations leading survival experts, and his work to impart that knowledge to others is something he is truly passionate about. For more information about Dave, and his survival school visit the ABOUT THE CREW page.

Tool Specs:

  • Credit Card Size - 3 3⁄8 × 2 1⁄8 and Sized to fit into a wallet, small tin, or small pocket

  • Durable Construction – 1mm thin steel, sharp and durable, in stainless steel, pocket products ready for a lifetime of use!

  • credit card survival fishing kit  - The multifunctional nature of the dave canterbury wallet survival card means it's a pocket multi tool  handy for everyday use, for primitive survival experiences, and includes a complete survival fishing kit, in a credit card sized package.

  • Tool retention system - one side (black) features semi-permanent adhesive allowing tools to be removed and used again and again, then put back. Non-magnetic and non-sticky. The other side (white) has a permanent adhesive allowing you to stick your toolkits to other objects for unparalleled accessibility.

  • Proudly Made in the USA - this tool was designed, manufactured, and had its materials sourced here in the U.S.A.

  • Dimensions - 3 38 × 2 18 "

Small Lures X2 – Two small lures with a spoon shape, and a fish shape.

Large Lure – Large spoon lure

Jig Heads with Hooks X6 – 6x lures with jig heads, and hooks, perfect for improvised survival fishing lures.

Small Barbed Fishing Hooks x12 – A dozen miniature fishing hooks perfect for catching small pan fish!

Double Hooks X2 – double sided hooks, that can be connected directly to the lures on the card without tying additional knots.

Hook Connectors X2 – Connectors to hook to link together both hook, and lures.

Nested Hooks X4 – Fishing hook sizes ranging from extra small, to large nested together for supreme space saving.

Dave Canterbury Survival Fishing Kit - A Compact Survival Fishing Kit that Fits in Your Wallet

With applications in urban emergencies, primitive wilderness survival, outdoor exploration, disaster areas, and survival scenarios the Dave Canterbury Survival Fishing Kit bridges together primitive technology with cutting-edge manufacturing and materials, resulting in iconic, timeless, high-utility bushcraft fishing kit.  These credit card size tools create a mini emergency fishing kit no bigger than a credit card

Knowledge can only get you so far without the tools to use it. Knowing how to use a survival fishing kit can be a real-life-saver, especially when its on a tool that’s credit card size and fits in your wallet, no worries over where to find your kit, because it’s always with you! This tiny survival card multi tool is conveniently the same size as a credit card, lightweight, durable, reusable, and fits straight into your wallet with your other cards and cash. Since it’s credit card size, it just slips into your pocket and your ready to go perfect for a travel fishing kit.

You can easily fit multiple Grim Survival Cards, literally dozens of pocket essentials, into a traditional wallet without a problem. Since their inception, Grim’s card tools have been effectively replacing their heavier, bulkier, traditional multi-tool counterparts in many EDC collections worldwide.

This credit card sized design also means as pocket products, you can not only put them into an Altoid tin sized survival fishing kit, a favorite of many due to their credit card size shape. You can fit over a dozen Grim Workshop Survival Cards into a tin that size. This compact size gives you the ability to carry hundreds of pieces of bushcraft gear literally in a palm-sized tin, essentially putting a bug out bag in your pocket.

Space, No Longer an Issue

What to put into a survival fishing kit? What to remove? whats the best bushcraft gear? Packing a emergency fishing kit for your bug out bag, mini fishing kit, or even just a simple EDC (everyday carry) can sometimes be a daunting task, but with the dave canterbury survival fishing kit card, that's not an issue.

Grim Workshop’s credit card multi tool cards are cut from 1mm thin stainless steel, and snice its credit card size, it only occupies one slot of your wallet so that you can have it with you at all times without compromises. You don't have to remember to carry it, because it's always there. And there's never any bulk!

If carrying the dave canterbury survival fishing kit in your pockets or wallet isn’t your style, peel the adhesive backing off the tool's back and stick it onto any flat surface working like multi tool credit card stickers. It has a permanent adhesive on one side so it can be stuck to surfaces like box lids, outside, inside, or anywhere else you can think to put it for quick access.

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This product was proudly made in the usa.

Fishing Lures - The Lures, Hooks, And hook links put together included on the Canterbury Survival Fishing Kit Card.   20210511_130036.jpg
Hook Links - Easy On, Easy Off no tie hook and lure clips.  20210511_125802.jpg
Jig Hooks - Slip some paracord or found materials onto these hooks to complete the lure, and you're ready to go!  20210511_125811.jpg
No Tie Double Hooks - These specially designed hooks can slip into the lures on this card in just a few seconds, no cordage, or knot tying necessary.  20210511_125749.jpg
Hook Assortment - including a range of hooks in various sizes, and shapes.  20210511_125711.jpg
Small Hooks - Over a dozen small hooks, perfect for pan fish 20210511_125728.jpg