Gear Aid Outdoor Sewing Kit

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For most of us, time outside is a welcome getaway to help us relax and recharge, until something goes wrong with your gear. You snag a tree branch and rip your jacket. You break a tent pole. A seam in your rainfly begins to leak. But these annoyances don’t have to ruin a good time. In fact, if you’re prepared, most of the time they can be solved in mere minutes with the Gear Aid Outdoor Sewing Kit.

Fix nylon, canvas, cordura, neoprene, vinyl and other durable outdoor fabrics on clothes, uniforms, tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags with these heavy duty sewing tools.  These are not "use once and discard" sewing tools.

Kit includes:

Thimble, seam ripper, thread, buttons, sewing needles, straight and safety pins.