Food Storage for Preppers: A Week-By-Week Plan for Surviving An Apocalypse


Do you think that you and your family are self-reliant? If an apocalypse occurs, will you be able to provide for them and keep them safe? Will you be able to survive?

The best way to prepare for the future is not through fancy tools, gadgets, or go bags—it’s having the experience and knowledge that will best equip you to handle the unexpected. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are for disaster, however, if you run out of food. Then you'll be scrounging to survive along with everyone else.  

Everyone begins somewhere, especially with learning how to stock your pantry for an indefinite period of time. In Food Fundamentals for the Apocalypse, you’ll find a project for every week of the year, designed to teach you the fundamentals of canning and preserving any sort of food as safely as possible.

Pages: 288 Pages

Editor: David Nash