Firebox FREESTYLE Modular Stove | Titanium Single Stove Kit (4 panels)


Our newest stove design is an amalgamation of the Original 5″ and the 3″ Nano in size, form and function. The Freestyle isn’t as small or light-weight as the Nano and it’s not as heavy duty as the Original 5″ but it does have a revolutionary trick up its sleeve. It’s modular!

Firebox Stoves are just plain fun, and the 4″ Freestyle Stove is fun multiplied by six. Guaranteed to be another classic “Firebox Stove” design!

3 Panel 3” Tri Torch: 

  • Ultralight option that packs a punch cranking out the BTU’s.
  • Fuel loads vertically which creates a micro Swedish Fire Torch.
  • Thermal column pulls in more combustion air compensating for less oxygen at high elevations or other poor burning conditions like wet, cold and or poor-quality wood. 
  • Sticks can be fed through the side feed ports (Rocket Stove Style). 
  • Works perfectly with the Toaks Siphon Jet Alcohol Burner, blooms in 5 seconds or less.

4 Panel 4” Freestyle:

  • State of the art, multi-fuel, high performance flat folding mid-sized stove that will satisfy your stoving needs with style! 
  • Comes in its own “Fire Pan Tin” to conveniently adhere to a “Leave No Trace” ethic. 
  • Burns wood which can be fed from the top or through the side feed port—which are offset—allowing sticks to cross inside the burn chamber, which creates flame turbulence, improving burn efficiency.
  • Hinged damper can be opened to massively increase exhaust capacity allowing high flow burns like a (ever so fun) Swedish Fire Torch. 
  • Designed specifically to accommodate both the Trangia Alcohol Burner or Isobutane Gas Burner attachment, both with correct headspace for optimal performance.

Freestyle Kits Include:

Each Single Stove kit (4 panel) includes:  4″ Firebox Freestyle Stove, 4 FireSticks, Fire Grate and a Grill (each part is made of Titanium).  A ranger band holds it all together in a canvas bag to prevent rattling in the included Fire Pan Tin.

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