Cold Steel Spetsnaz® Shovel | Medium Carbon Steel


Our Spetsnaz® Shovel is also immensely popular with the throwing community, as its head-heavy balance and multiple sharp edges make it an excellent alternative to a Tomahawk for sport and recreational throwing!


Short Long
Weight: 25.0 oz 36.3 oz
Thickness: 2mm (shovel head) 2mm (shovel head)
Handle: Hickory Handle Hickory Handle
Steel/Material: Medium Carbon Steel
Overall: 19.68in Long 30in Long
Additional Features: N/A N/A


Cold Steel Spetsnaz® Shovel Short (Sold Separately)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Obi-wan KaRobbie
One of the BEST multi use tools i've owned

Cold Steel products are, for the price, an amazing source of tools.. the Spetsnaz shovel is no exception.. I bought this shovel several years ago.. and I've used it in many applications.. I'm a Bushcrafter, and gardener.. this shovel has been the go to tool for many applications in both.. I've planted many plants, dug latrines, and pried large rocks out of the ground, cut down small trees for fire wood, and many other uses... I've put this shovel through hell and aside from getting a bit dull from all the rocks and dirt, Its held up amazingly... the weight is great for what you get, and its compact size makes it a great item to add to the prepper kit... I'd recommend this product to any one looking for a multi use shovel for their kits.... really worth the 5 stars I've given it, because of its simplicity and versatility.. cheers

Ethan M.
This Shovel Is Indestructible

I have had this shovel for about 5 months and gotten my fair share of use from it, the blade came incredibly sharp, enough so that it could easily cut through 8" logs. I dug a pretty fair sized trench with it during the Canadian winter where the ground was frozen solid. This did not stop the shovel from piercing the dirt and this tool is also great at dealing with those pesky roots, and marauders if need be. The sheath is also built solid and while it does not have any Molle it can be attached with a bit of paracord. The handle is a reasonable size for a shovel you can fit on your pack and is very comfortable. TLDR: This shovel is an absolute beast, if you are digging a trench or processing firewood this will get the job done, 10/10 I've gotten two friends to buy this.