Cold Steel Spear with Short Shaft

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The spear is one of man's oldest, reliable weapons. Early examples were no more than sticks or poles with fire hardened points. As man learned how to knap flint, cast bronze and forge metals he would quickly adapt these technologies to the spear. The spear, when used as a thrusting weapon, allowed one to dominate any enemy armed with a shorter weapon like a mace, axe, sword or even a bayonet. When thrown, the spear enabled man to bring down the largest predator while staying safely out of reach of fangs or claws. With cold forging technology pioneered by Cold Steel, we can offer high performance thrusting and throwing spears at reasonable prices. All come with premium American Ash shafts and SK-5 medium carbon steel heads. Like traditional spearheads, ours are heat treated and then drawn to a tough spring temper. The concept is that the spear head should flex or bend under impact stresses rather than break or shatter.

Our Zulu Assegai [as-uh-gahy] are made from SK-5 medium carbon steel, heat treated and drawn to a tough spring temper, and designed to flex or bend under impact forces rather than breaking or shattering. The Assegai blade is available with a choice of two different premium American Ash shafts (A shorter model for thrusting or a full length throwing shaft), and comes complete with a durable Secure-Ex® sheath.

  • Part #: 95FS.
  • Weight: 12.8 oz. (spearhead) 27.2 oz. (overall).
  • Thickness: 2mm 2 1/2" (wide).
  • Head: 17 1/3".
  • Hammer Face: No.
  • Primary Edge: No.
  • Hawk Length: No.
  • Height: No.
  • Blade Length: No.
  • Handle: American Ash Shaft.