Canadian Wild Game Cookbook

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Wild game isn’t just for hunters anymore — these days you’re likely to run into a haunch of rabbit in the supermarket more often than the animal itself in the bush. Wild game products are becoming more popular with people who want to incorporate variety and healthy, organic choices in their diet, but cooking with these ingredients can be intimidating to those unfamiliar with them.

For both the expert hunter and the newbie peeking through the game selection at the local supermarket, Jeff Morrison is your guide to the world of cooking with wild game. With 200 of Jeff’s tried-and-true recipes for all types of game, both hunted and farmed, the Canadian Wild Game Cookbook helps you unlock the complex flavours of wild game in new and exciting ways.

Jeff’s personal stories and anecdotes from the outdoors add plenty of spice to the featured recipes:

  • deer, moose and bear
  • rabbit and squirrel
  • duck, goose, grouse and pheasant
  • steaks, roasts and kebabs
  • casseroles and meatloaf
  • jerky and pemmican
  • marinades, sauces and stuffings
  • appetizers, soups, salads, sides and desserts to accompany your main course.

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