Canadian Outdoor Survival Guide- Lone Pine


The Canadian Outdoor Survival Guide is straightforward, practical guide for anyone who ventures into the Canadian outdoors, from novices who go out for a hike and run into trouble to more experienced outdoorspeople who journey into Canada's wilderness where danger lurks.

What's covered:

  • Preparing and planning your trip
  • Choosing proper gear and equipment
  • Essential wilderness survival skills
  • Foraging, fishing and trapping
  • Finding safe drinking water
  • Finding and building shelters
  • Cold weather survival
  • Navigation
  • Fire-starting
  • Wilderness first aid
  • Survival kits
  • Skills and tools for if you get lost
  • Wildlife safety

Whether you find yourself stranded in the dense rainforests of British Columbia, in the remote woods of Ontario or on the tundra of Northern Canada, the Canadian Survival Guide will get you out in one piece.