AFG Fireball - Fire Extinguisher


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There are many substitutes, but Auto Fire Guard® is the only real thing!

The Fireball® is an automatic fire suppression apparatus or cartridge which comes in various sizes and designs, and is made with the best ingredients in the world for fighting fires safely. It has the longest shelf-life of any product of its kind and is so easy to use, there are no necessary instructions. It works automatically as a sprinkler system would or manually like a fire extinguisher would, except it also sounds an alarm that will be sure to get your attention.

You can throw it or even roll it into a fire. No nozzles to point. No pins to pull. Upon contact with the fire it will burst and extinguish the surrounding fire.

It can be mounted on the wall or from the ceiling anywhere a fire is expected to break out. The small 1.1 lb Fireball® includes a plastic hanging loop, while the larger Fireballs include a metal hanging basket or stand and a glow-in-the-dark sign.

The Fireball is not at all dangerous or toxic. The powder, Mono Ammonium Phosphate is a type of inert salt often used as a food preservative that is actually edible in small quantities. When used as directed, it is very safe.

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