Silky NATA 240MM Hatchet/ Chopper (Double Edge)

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An amazing Hatchet that will be with you for a lifetime, built insanely tough!

240mm DOUBLE EDGED, 9.5-in blade 13.35-inch overall length, 2.11 lbs.

  • Length : Blade 9.5" (240mm), Overall 17.72" (450mm)
  • Weight : Operating 1.65 lb (750g), With Sheath 2.11 lb (957g)
  • Material : Steel, GOM Rubber
  • Color : Natural / Black
  • Metal : SK4 High Carbon Steel
  • Quantity per Box / Carton : 6 / 24
  • Blade Thickness, mm : 5.7

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
So good I bought another

A great product, well built. I was so happy with my purchase I bought another to give as a gift to a friend. They love theirs as well. If you have need for a tool like this don't hesitate to pick one up.

G Young
Great product

I waited to review this item. I purchased it a while back. It is a great chopper and makes short work of trees and stuff up to about 6”. There is a bit of a curve to learning how this works most efficiently but once you have it figured out it works excellent. Super sharp right out of the factory. Being in the woods and needing to gather firewood this is exactly what you want for fast gathering as well as whacking down brush.
Shipping was super quick and have zero regrets about this purchase.


Strong, rugged, and versatile. I like it because I can throw it in my bug-out bag and will always have a great tool. I took this as my only chopper and next to my bigboy outback I was able to do anything I needed to. If I had to process alot of wood though, say splitting, I'd rather have my splitting hatchet or a light forestry ax.

Antti Kahkonen
Great piece of steel

I've been using the nata for about 2 years now. It's a great tool for delimbing and processing firewood on a campsite. Edge retains really well and the rubber handle is very forgiving for continuous use.

Brian Oppenheimer
Versatile tool

This tool reminds me of the bush knives we'd use in the jungles of SE Asia. Think a cross between a machete and a hatchet. The blade has weight behind it and a strong sharp edge. The handle is a no slip material easy to grip and it looks made to last. This is one of those tools that can do just about anything you can imagine for edged steel.