Zendure SuperTank 26,800 mAh Portable Power (100 Watt)

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  • 100W USB-C Power Delivery Output & Input: SuperTank Power Bank packs up to 100W of USB-C Power Delivery in a single port which can serve as both an input and an output. 100W PD power bank can charge your 15" MacBook Pro 2018 at full speed, only taking 1.5 hours to charge from 0% to 100%.
  • Total Output 100W (Max): This Power bank has dual Type-C PD ports (100W & 60W) and dual USB-A ports (15W & 18W). All of the outputs except 15W ports can support QC 3.0. The total maximum output of the four USB ports is 100W, which can provide rapid charging for two laptops or tablets and two mobile devices all at once. (Note: When the battery is lower than 50%, the 100W PD output port will only provide 60W output power.)
  • Ultra-fast recharge speed: With a 100W wall charger (for example Zendure SuperPort 4) and the included 5A/100W USB-C cable, fully recharge this external battery in 2 hours. Pass-through charging: With dual USB-C ports, you can charge SuperTank Power Bank and other USB-C compatible devices at the same time. 100W Power Delivery makes it possible to charge a laptop (up to 60W USB-C Power Delivery) when recharging SuperTank.
  • High 27,000mAh capacity and compatibility: SuperTank’s massive 27,000mAh capacity keeps you powered on the go. It can extend a 15" Macbook Pro battery life for 8 hours or charge iPhone XS 7 times. It not only can charge laptops, tablets, cameras, and cell phones, but also compatible with more USB-C devices, such as security cameras, projectors, LED lights and more.
  • What's Included: Zendure SuperTank 27,000mAh (99.9Wh) Portable Charger, 100cm 5A/100W USB-C to USB-C Cable, User Manual, and Zendure Fan Stickers.

Compatible laptops (with USB-C PD port) and smartphones

ALL USB-C PD Laptops like:


  • Acer Chromebook 11 / Chromebook 15 / Chromebook 514 / Chromebook R 13 / Spin 11
  • Apple All MacBook series for example 15 "/ 13" MacBook Pro / MacBook Pro (2016-2018) / MacBook Air (2018) / MacBook (2015)/MackBook Pro 16'' New Released Ver. (You need a 100W support cable to do with the best performance with Supertank. Simultaneously charging with multiple devices may cause a power down.)
  • ASUS Chromebook Flip / Zenbook 3 / Flip S / Transformer 3 Pro
  • Dell Chromebook 3380 / XPS 13 & 15 (2016-2018)
  • Google Chromebook Pixel (2015) / Pixelbook (2017)
  • Huawei MateBook X Pro
  • HP Chromebook (2017-2018) / Elite X2 1012 G1 / Specter 13 (2017-2018) & Specter Pro 13 & Specter X2 / Envy 13
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 / ThinkPad Yoga / ThinkPad (most models from 2017)
  • Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5 "& 15" / Surface go / Surface Pro 2/3/4/5/6 (Be aware: a USB-C PD cable is required)


All USB-C PD smartphones like:

  • iPhone 11/ XR / XS Max / XS / X / 8 Plus / 7 plus etc.
  • Samsung S10/ S9 etc.
  • Huawei P30 Pro / Mate 20 / Mate 30 / Nova 5 / Honor 8X etc.

UPS mode with pass-through charging

The UPS mode does not interrupt the power supply when switching between through-charge and battery modes. This makes it ideal for applications such as security systems, micro-controllers, home automation, network storage, backup power for wireless routers, and more.

X-Charge Low-power mode for portable devices

Simply press the middle button twice, SuperTank will enter X-Charge mode and display the "X" icon. This can charge the low-power devices such as smartwatches, Beats wireless earphones, fitness bands and more.

Press twice to turn off the power.

PD Direction Switch

  • The SuperTank is equipped with a PD directional switch that lets you stay in control.
  • Press the middle button long to change the charging current direction. Similarly, you can also allow the laptop to charge the SuperTank.

Precise LED Power Display

  • Dimension: 119mm x 73mm x 42mm;
  • Output: USB-C (1): 5-20V, up to 5A, 100W;
  • USB-C (2): 5-20V, up to 3A, 60W;
  • USB-1: 5V / 3A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A, 18W (ZEN + 2.0); USB-2: 5V / 3A, 15W (ZEN +);
  • Input: USB-C: 5-20V, up to 5A 100W max; Weight: 500g

Premium Materials

  • Supertank Portable Charger is made of eight Model 18650 lithium battery, which provides you more power to your devices.
  • Nine Layers safety protection prevents Supertank from Over-voltage, Over-current, Overheat, Short circuit, Under-voltage, anti-static, Overcharge, Over-discharge and Current limiting.

Wide Compatibility

  • Zendure Supertank Power Bank is compatible with any USB-C PD and QC 3.0 devices. One portable charger can charge all different types of devices.

Leakage prevention

  • Supertank contains 27000 mAh capacity and once it's fully recharged, it can last over 9 hours and still keep over 95% battery left. One time recharge, Multiple uses.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Brian Oppenheimer
Enough juice for several devices daily.

I received this little power pack and found it was smaller and lighter than I expected. Its smaller and lighter than a pound of butter and the exterior is easy to grip in your hand. It had absolutely no power in it when I received it. With a little ingenuity, I paired it with a Nitecore FSP100 foldable solar panel and after a couple of partly cloudy days it was fully charged.

I used it to charge several external devices with ease. The 2 output power levels provide some choice if you have power sensitive devices. At 68% I charged it on a very sunny day and it was to 100% in about 4 hours which I found impressive.

I haven't completed my testing yet but after a couple of days I would recommend it. Having 2.7wH of power in such a light package with 2xUSB and 2x USBc charging ports will be convenient in the field. A portable solution like I describe will easily keep your phone and portable LED lights charged while in the field with some juice left over depending on the sun intensity.