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Wilderness Medical – Nearly 5 Hours Long!

“Wilderness Medical” – Navigating Backcountry Injuries with Joshua Enyart

Emergencies do not announce their arrival, especially in the unpredictable wilderness. Preparedness is key, and this is where “Wilderness Medical,” featuring Joshua Enyart—the Gray Bearded Green Beret—steps in. Venture into the woods with Joshua as he equips you with the knowledge and skills to address common injuries using both specialized medical gear and innovative improvisation.

Film Highlights:

  1. Hosted by an Expert: Joshua Enyart, a seasoned Green Beret, brings his blend of traditional and unique techniques to the screen, ensuring you get well-rounded and reliable medical knowledge.
  2. Comprehensive Content: This film doesn’t merely skim the surface. Instead, it dives deep into each topic, ensuring you’re equipped for every conceivable backcountry emergency.
  3. Film Features Include:
    • Medical Gear Overview: Understand the indispensable items in a wilderness medical kit.
    • Adapting Common Gear: How everyday camping and hiking gear can be repurposed for first aid.
    • Blood Management: Understanding its importance and the critical volume needed for survival.
    • Basic to Advanced Care Techniques: Covering everything from direct pressure and elevation to advanced methods like wound packing.
    • Splinting Skills: Master techniques for splinting everything from ankles and knees to wrists and fingers.
    • Burn Management: Comprehensive care techniques for varying degrees of burns.
    • Specialized Injury Care: Addressing unique injuries like pelvic injuries, neck and back injuries, and more.
    • Preventive Measures: Learn about blister prevention and care.
    • Emergency Techniques: Discover how to manage major injuries, including improvised wound closure methods.

Why “Wilderness Medical”?

The wilderness, with all its beauty, brings with it the unpredictability of nature. Injuries, both minor and major, can occur. Having the knowledge to address these injuries can be the difference between life and death. Whether you’re an outdoors enthusiast or simply someone who wants to be prepared for every situation, “Wilderness Medical” is a must-have in your survival toolkit. With Joshua Enyart guiding you, rest assured, you’re in expert hands.