Sandbags- UV RESISTANT Empty Woven Polypropylene | 14" x 26"


Get our best sandbags for flooding. Our 14" x 26" sandbags are built to take a beating and great for many uses, including sandbagging, water barriers, flood and erosion control, pipeline construction, and earthbag homes.

The bags are constructed of a tough, woven polypropylene and are rigorously tested to ensure they can be filled with sand and dropped at least 10 times from 4 feet before showing any signs of wear. Available for sale in bulk.

Used To Prevent Flooding, Control Erosion, & More!

These sandbags are heavy duty, reusable, and UV resistant, perfect for building sandbag water barriers. 


  • WIDELY TRUSTED FOR FLOOD PROTECTION: Sandbaggy sandbags are used by many government agencies, landscapers/contractors, and nonprofits including the US Army and Red Cross. They are the #1 best selling sandbags on the Internet, with over 4 million Sandbaggy Sandbags installed across this great country. Whether for hurricanes on the East Coast or flooding in the Midwest, our flood protection sandbags have been there every step of the way as the first and last line of defense for the homes and businesses of everyday Americans.
  • MILITARY GRADE: Used by the US Army, Sandbaggy sandbags are truly military grade. With a double stitched bottom and a 50 lb weight capacity, these heavy duty Sandbags can be filled with sand or gravel. Our sandbags have a 14-inch wide opening, making them easy to fill and use.
  • UV PROTECTION: Made with a UV Inhibitor that allows sandbag to last 6 months under direct sunlight in hot, sunny places such as California, Florida, and Arizona. In cooler regions of the country, our sandbags can last 6 to 24 months depending on the amount of sun exposure on a day to day basis.
  • REUSABLE: Built from tough woven polypropylene, you can reuse these sandbags multiple times.
  • EROSION CONTROL: Helps to prevent and minimize erosion on roads and beaches.
  • CUSTOMERS LOVE THEM: Sandbaggy has been in business for more than 10 years. We're lucky to be able to serve such incredible customers every day to help protect their homes and businesses with sandbag walls, prevent erosion, and ensure temporary signs stay in place to keep drivers safe on the road.
    • “These bags did the job perfectly!” - Allan L.
    • “Bags were sturdy, very well made. Would def buy again.” - S. Hoffman.
    • “Amazing sandbags. Ordered multiple times” - Christopher R.


  • Size: 14" x 26"
  • Colors: Green, Beige
  • Material: Woven Polypropylene
  • Weight Capacity: 50 lb


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