20 piece Advanced Weatherproof Survival Cards


Extremely detailed and condensed information which will prove indispensible in any urban or rural survival situation. There is no equivalent on the market that is this advanced yet so compact

This set contains #1-20 of Grim's ever growing Tip Card line. information for everyday, wilderness survival, urban emergencies, and more. Each card is two sided, and jam packed with useful information. Designed to be weatherproof, uv resistant, tear resistant, and long lasting. Comes with a thin but durable metal container which is very packable (extremely lightweight). 

This kit contains

Tip Cards

  1. Morse Code sending and receiving
  2. Trapping Figure 4 and pitfall traps
  3. Silent communication, land to air signals, and sign language
  4. Lock Picking Basics
  5. Navigational aid tool
  6. Jug line fishing, and drinking straw lure
  7. Weaving nets
  8. Water purification and distillation
  9. Fishing traps, and improvised hooks
  10. Protractor and ruler tool card
  11. Snare Traps
  12. Shelter making, tarps, and natural
  13. Venomous snake identification, and how to skin a snake
  14. Solar water disinfection, and basic water filter making
  15. Animal identification and tracking from scat
  16. Animal identification and tracking from tracks
  17. Solar clock
  18. Smoking meat, and building an improvised smoker
  19. How to siphon gas, and jump a car
  20. How to eat, and prep tree bark

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