Russian Bear MEDIUM "Panda Air" Premium Inflatable Tent | 1-4 Person



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  • Capacity - up to 4 (4 in sleeping bags)
  • Seasons - Four-season tent (not lower than 0 °C (32°F))
  • Tent color - Earth Yellow
  • Floor color - Beige
  • Tent material - Canvas
  • Bottom material - PVC
  • Air tube material - PVC
  • Number of windows - 7
  • Number of PVC windows - 2
  • Number of doors - 2
  • Stove jack diameter - 10 cm (3.93")
  • Air pump type - Hand pump
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • Country of manufacture - China


  • Width - 3,00 m (118.11")
  • Length - 2,20 m (86.61")
  • Height - 2,20 m (86.61")
  • Ceiling height - 2,10 m (82.68")
  • Internal usable area - 12,0 m2 (129.17 sq. foot)
  • Net weight - 24,10 kg (53.13 lb)
  • Gross weight - 25,00 kg (55.12 lb)

Note: Bear in mind, final product may look differently. The manufacturer reserves the right to unilaterally without notifying the customer to change the color and final design of the products


Panda air large is an inflatable tent, which means that it can be easily inflated using a special pump. The air enters the tent via an inflation valve. Panda air large has 3 inflation valves.

Structure & Capacity:

Panda air large tent is a spacious and comfortable shelter with a panoramic view, suitable for glamping. The tent can accommodate 4-6 persons and consists of one large room, which can be used to your needs and preferences.

Components & Materials:

The tent is manufactured from a mildew proof canvas fabric. It has a large mesh ventilation window and a double-layer top. The PVC air valve provides environmental protection and is strong and durable. Every detail of Panda air large tent is of high quality.

To prevent high humidity and condensation inside the tent, we use a dense and breathable natural fabric. However, this fabric does not provide complete protection against prolonged and heavy rain. The tent is guaranteed to protect against moderate and short-term rain. In cases of heavy precipitation, it is recommended to use a rainfly, which provides 100% protection. Please note that the rainfly is currently in production.

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