Curad- Super Absorbant Wound Pads

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The Absorbent Wound Pad is made of a polymer dressing, that is made to absorb higher volumes of wound leakage and keep it locked in. The wound pads also act to wick away moisture and provide a non-adherent contact layer, which helps keep the wound cleaner. Secure the pads over your wound location with any of the Curad tapes or gauzes. Curad wound pads can also be left on for multiple days at a time if needed.

  • Curad Clinical Advances Super Absorbent Wound Pad has maximum absorbency for heavily draining wounds
  • The non-stick layer won't stick to the wound
  • Locks fluid away from skin
  • Tape or wrap is needed to secure the pad in place
  • Dressing Size: 3" x 3"
  • 4 X more absorbent, won't stick to wound, locks fluid away from the skin