Nature's Dual Fuel- Edible Firestarter!

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Wherever your next adventure takes you let Nature’s Dual Fuel get you there!

Having more calories per ounce than any other product on the market Nature’s Dual Fuel allows you to go farther with less weight in your pack. Not only is Nature’s Dual Fuel delicious it is also a great source of fuel for your needs while on the trail.

Pack fast and light with Nature’s Dual Fuel!


  • Plant based
  • Vegetarian
  • 15 grams protein per pouch
  • 9 grams fiber per pouch
  • Safe for the environment
  • Renewable energy source
  • Dual purpose
  • Delicious, nutty flavor
  • Ideal for survival/emergency kits
  • Able to carry on airplane
  • Burns on snow

Ingredients: Walnuts, Almonds, Brown Sugar, Pecans, Corn Chips (Corn, Oil, Salt)

Eat it, Light it, Pack it

Nature's Dual Fuel is a dual purpose, plant-based food & fuel source perfect for campers, adventurers, and emergency or survival kits!

Eat it

Vegetarian, ready-to-eat, and packed with fiber, protein, & calories to keep you going all day long- that's MORE MILES PER OUNCE™!

Light it

An eco-friendly and renewable energy source, use it to light your campfire or as fuel for your bio-mass cook stoves. Even the bag makes a great fire starter!

Pack it

Nature's Dual Fuel is lightweight, carry-on friendly, and won't take up valuable room in your pack. Plus, its dual purpose means you can carry less!

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