Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Friction Grip (knife only)

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With a razor-sharp, burly 1/8-inch (3.2 mm) thick carbon steel blade treated with a tungsten DLC anti-corrosive black coating, the Mora Bushcraft Carbon Black will be one of the strongest and most dependable knives you will own. The spine of the blade is ridgeground so that it can be used with a fire starter. Mora knives made from high carbon steel achieve high hardness, sharpen easily and are exceptionally tough. High carbon steels are preferred in applications that demand durability and frequent regrinding. The material is harder than stainless steel, allowing it to hold a sharper and more durably acute edge. Mora Knives are made from high-quality Sandvik steel. Sandvik knife steels are characterized by ultra-fine carbides that result in superb forging and hardening properties. The absence of large carbide deposits promotes excellent edge sharpness for optimum cutting performance. Morakniv has been manufacturing the highest-quality knives in Mora, Sweden since 1891. Professionals worldwide trust the quality materials and fine craftsmanship of Mora Knives. Mora knives feature ergonomically-designed handles and employ premium-quality knife steel that is optimally adapted to the task for which the knife is intended.



The Bushcraft Black high carbon steel 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) thick blade is extremely sharp, durable, and is hardened to HRC 56-58 to better withstand stress on the blade when batoning. The black coating helps protect against corrosion. For further corrosion resistance, oil carbon blades after each use.


The back of the Buschraft Black blade (spine) has been ground especially for use with a fire starter. You can easily ignite a fire by pulling the spine slowly and heavily along a fire starter (not included) to create sparks that can easily light dry grass, leaves, tinder and even your barbecue grill.


The Bushcraft Black has a scandi grind that prevents the knife from slipping off easily, bites into the surface without getting stuck, is razor sharp and stays sharp. The blade is relatively thin making it easier to carve yet robust enough for batoning and other demanding outdoor activities.


The Morakniv Bushcraft Black handle is an over-molded rubber grip that provides great anti-slip performance and works extremely well in wet and cold conditions. It sits comfortably in your hand giving you greater control, safety, and unbeatable performance.


Batoning is essential for obtaining dry wood inside of logs, or for splitting wood into smaller pieces used for kindling. With its razor sharp edge and robust 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) thick blade, the Bushcraft Black is robust and sharp enough to tackle the toughest of your batoning chores.


The Bushcraft Black is the ultimate carving tool with its razor sharp edge and balanced handling characteristics. It will allow you to precisely prep tinder, create feather sticks, carve shelter stakes, and process wood for various uses like collecting water or creating camp tools.

Feather stick

A feather stick will help the Bushcrafter with fire starting and is essential when starting a fire with damp wood or without tinder. To create the best performing feather stick you need a knife like the Bushcraft Black that has a razor sharp edge, is lightweight, balanced, and easy to use.

Fire starting

By pulling the specially ground spine of the knife slowly and forcefully down against a fire starter (not included), you can easily light dry grass, leaves, paper, bark and even your favorite gas grill or stove.