Happy Yak- Shrimp Chowder

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Gluten Free*

A hearty soup with big bold large shrimp from the Gaspé Peninsula, a hint of garlic and fines herbs.

Indeed the ultimate comfort food to warm the Poseidon in you at the end of a wonderful active day.

Our eyes feast on this fabulous velvety chowder which magically takes us back to that summer vacation by the sea. You can almost feel the fresh salty air of the ocean, and your taste buds are eager to discover the wonderful flavours.

Did you know?

The origin of the term chowder is obscure, but one possible source is the French word chaudière which was used by French fishermen to cook soups and stews.

The Chowder was originally created by fisherman who would throw portions of the day's catch into a large pot, along with other available foods. Nowadays, it is virtually impossible for seafood lovers to stop in a fishing community and resist the most compelling aroma of creamy chowder.

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