Happy Yak 7 Day Vegetarian Meal Kit

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LIMITED TIME OFFER:  With each Happy Yak meal kit purchased, receive a FREE package of dried egg powder! (While supplies last.)

Vege-Sport Contents

This seven day “Vege-Sport” kit provides a protein powerhouse of some of our favourite Vegetarian meals.  For added punch and nutrition, two whole powered milks are also included, making this week kit of seven breakfast, seven lunches and seven suppers and two milks providing delicious nutrition for an entire week!  I is a  total of 23 items in a convenient easy-to-store box. Don’t be caught off guard without an emergency food supply.

Happy Yak as a new tasty shop! Specializes in the creation of freeze-dried meals to be rehydrated, for people who are active, on the go or ready for the unexpected. The company provides gourmet, practical meals that combine great taste, nutritional value and ease of preparation so that individuals can make the most of their leisure time. They are also part of smaller adventures such as excursions, family camping weekends, evenings by the fire or emergency contingency supplies.

2 X Raspberry  & Vanilla Granola

3 X Apple & Cinnamon Granola

2 X Chia Delight with Almonds and Cranberries

2 X Thai Coco Soup

1 X Cheese and Mushroom Risotto

2 X Ranchero Soup

2 X Pad Thai with Peanuts and Vegetables

2 X Chili Fiesta

2 X Mom’s Dried Tomato & Cheese Macaroni

2 X Bengali Rice

1 X Spaghetti

2 X Whole Milk Powder

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