Geigerrig Rig Bando Hydration Pack

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Next generation water bladder system includes a pressurized spray system! Irrigate wounds, clean, drink, share your water with your dog without him messing up your spout! 
  • Spray to drink
  • Spray to cool
  • Spray to share
  • Spray to clean
  • Easy clean dishwasher safe reservoir

Product description

Geigerrig Pressurized, single strap, shoulder slung, Hydration Pack. Reversible, dishwasher safe, pressurized reservoir. Filter Ready. 70 Oz. The simple spray action of the Geigerrig hydration system enables the water to be sprayed for cooling, cleaning, and sharing. The spray action of Geigerrig also enables the use of a Geigerrig plug-n-play, in-line water filter for on-the-go filtration of water found along the trail. Simply refill from a river, stream, lake or pond; pressurize the reservoir; and then plug in the small, lightweight Geigerrig filter. Now you can safely drink the crisp, cold stream water. No longer do you have to worry about running out of water. Carry less water; use the water as you need for cooling, cleaning and sharing; and refill more often from water found along the trail. At the end of the day, simply turn the reservoir inside out to clean it and to dry it. Reservoir is dishwasher safe, top shelf. The backpack has a removable, internal frame for comfort and a stable ride. Soft, durable, ventilated mesh back pad. Soft, Durable, ventilated, mesh shoulder strap with quick adjust and quick release. 840 ballistic nylon, similar to the fabric Dupont designed for military flak jackets. Internal sleeve to holster the reservoir, and a small amount of pack space to carry your keys, a few granola bars, and a few odds and ends such as your cell phone, wallet, etc. The pack is 17.5" long, 9" wide, 1.5" thick, and 2 lbs. The reservoir is 11.25" tall, 7" wide. The reservoir (or bladder) can be easily transferred from this pack to any other pack or hydration bag. Your Geigerrig pressurized hydration reservoir has a lifetime warranty for any leaks. Don't forget to buy a Geigerrig filter. The system also enables in-line filtration using Sawyer filters.

From the Manufacturer

The Geigerrig Bando in black features our messenger bag shoulder strap design, creating a fit that allows for maximum mobility. The Bando is a light weight hydration pack, it has a clean and sleek design with enough pack space for energy bar, wallet, cell phone, or mp3 player. This model is loaded with our easy fill, dishwasher safe, 2 liter pressurized hydration engine. The pack itself features durable 840 ballistic cloth pack fabric, adjustable shoulder strap, waist strap, easy grip zipper pulls, and breathable foam back.