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Procamptek's Ultimate Fire Tinder is a ready-to-use fire tinder with extreme weather resistance. Composed of highly flammable microfibers, this tinder is designed to ignite quickly, even when wet or in heavy rain situations. And it lights with more types of ignition sources than anything else on the market. You can even use a little spark from an empty lighter to ignite it... but any spark generator, ferro rod, firesteel, lighter, or matches will work...even if UFT is WET!

The Ultimate Fire Tinder has been at the forefront of Procamptek's line of weatherproof fire starters since the beginning. It has always been one of our favorite products, and thousands of our customers agree! We've newly updated UFT for 2021 and brought it back! The Ultimate Fire Tinder is easier than ever to ignite, even in the harshest conditions. It makes the normally difficult step between spark and having a full on fire, and makes it ridiculously simple.

We offer bulk packages so you will have plenty to add to all your various fire kits and emergency preparations with enough left over to resupply your kits. You can get your fire started with just a pinch of Ultimate Fire Tinder, so it's easy to increase the amount you might need based on the dryness and size of your available kindling on hand. For dry, small kindling you would use less... for larger kindling or less-than-dry kindling, you would use more. Being able to use as little or as much UFT as you need allows you to stretch your UFT supply for countless fires!

Ultimate Fire Tinder Features:

  • Extreme weather resistance. You can always light it, even in torrential rain and storm level winds.
  • Will ignite when dry OR WET using flint spark, ferro rod spark, firesteel spark, or flame. Seriously, even a lighter with no fluid left can ignite UFT. If it still throws a spark, it will light it.
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly, Does not lose efficiency over time.
  • Insanely easy to use. Just open the bag, grab a pinch or handful, and light it.
  • Burns in any condition, even when wet!
  • No fumes, no odor, non-toxic, extremely long shelf life!

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